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Wait for it? Wait for it?…….. Wait for it? Okay, wait for it? One more time, wait for it? Let’s have a roll call, shall we? Where’s my 90’s babies at? Lol. If you’re a 90’s baby then congratulations I am here to inform you that you’ve been officially known as the MVP of all time.

Yes, 90’s are the best(of course) great things happened in the 90’s. Do you agree with me?. Ok, I understand not everyone was born in the 90’s and that’s okay, you’re amazing too but, can we be honest with each other? Can you admit 90’s were the best decade of all time?. Yes? At least think about it for a minute.

As you’re thinking about it, I wrote a blog post on “Top Favorite 90’s Movies“, was a fun post to write about because there’s plenty of amazing movies to choose from in the 90’s, especially any of Steven seagal movies or Bruce Willis movies or Denzel Washington movies(aka the G.O.A.T) or a James Bond movies. Enough about the cool actors movies in the 90’s. Back to this blog, which is all about 90’s shows. So, I thought why not write about my top favorite 90’s shows.

Ohhh, 90’s shows were the best, wake up in the morning turn on the television, sit in front of the t.v and laugh till it was over.  Man I don’t believe no other shows today can top the shows I’d watched back then as a kid.

Top Favorite 90’s Shows:

  1. French Prince Of Bel-Air
  1. Keenan & Kel
  1. Sabrina The Teenager Witch
  1. The Family Matters
  1. The Amanda Show
  1. The Magic School Bus (if you know about the magic school bus, you’re truly the MVP)
  1. Beavis And Butthead
  1. Sister, Sister
  1. The Wild Thornberrys
  1. SpongeBob Squarepants
  1. All That
  1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I’m pretty sure there should be more to my list of great 90’s shows but, if I missed any other great shows that didn’t make this list of mine – comment below and let me know you’re top Favorite 90’s shows of all time…. or what would be your top list of shows of all time?…