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Where’s my 90’s BABIES ?!?. Pause if you were born in 1999 then technically you’re not a 90’s baby lol(just kidding). Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger,  I remember in high school some of my classmates were having debates on who were true 90’s babies and who wasn’t. Which doesn’t make any sense to me because clearly 1999 is in the 90’s. I believe 1999 is still part of the 90’s – like duh! What do you think, do you think 1999 is part of the 90’s babies crew?.(yes, people do have a debate about this. And yes, It is ridiculous) if you were born in 1999, to me you’re a 90’s baby – duh! So, let’s talk about movies.

Yes movies ! Who doesn’t love movies? If you DO NOT love movies, umm my question to you is why? And do you live under a rock? Any who, awhile back I wrote a post called (My Top 15 Movies). .So, which has me thinking of something fun to write about or making a list of 90’s movies – yes 90’s movies ! I have a simple question to all my movie lovers – What do you think between 90’s movies compare to movies right now ? Well, better technology I can tell you that much. So let’s get started, here are my top 90’s movies plus my top Disney movies(I can never forget about my Disney movie):

90’s Movies:

  1. Waiting To Exhale


  1. Titanic


  1. Dumb and Dumber


  1. Boomerang


  1. Pretty woman

  1. Boyz N Tha Hood


  1. The Mask


  1. Romeo & Juliet


  1. A Time To Kill


  1. My Girl & My Girl 2


Disney 90’s movies:

  1. The Lion King


  1. Tarzan


  1. Toy story 1 – 3


  1. Mulan


  1. Aladdin


And there you have it folks! my top 90’s movies plus my top Disney movies. Once again, where’s my 90’s babies ?! Ayoo, we’re the best *dj Khaled voice*. Lol….. I challenge you to tell me your favorite 90’s movie and if I miss any other great movie that were amazing movies in the 90’s let me know in the comment below….