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Dear Vulnerable, 


   You have been afraid, ashamed, and unsure of your voice. You’ve felt stifled, stuck and yes at times stupid. There is a great capacity of love that you have that the people around you, have not always understood or returned. 

You have found yourself in a space that you have inhabited, and people have told you to not exist here but, you have grown here in vulnerability and have done it beautifully. The way you have blossomed in your truth and sharing it boldly. I love the way that you turned your fear inside out and let the world see parts of you that even you believed wasn’t worth showing, Thank you. You are stronger because of your vulnerability. You have taken it and turned it into your superpower. 

 I am proud of you for your resiliency during healing from trauma and dysfunction. I am proud of you for being an amazing woman and mother to your daughter. Allowing her to see your vulnerability, your insecurities and allowing them to strengthen her. I admire your growth and the ability to discern when people are trying to keep you from being your most authentic self. Keep showing and sharing your superpower with the world, and to yourself. You surprise yourself everyday of how much truth you are opening to and walking into. I love you to LIFE.  


Do you believe in a 5- year plan? Why or why not?


    Yes, I believe in a 5- year plan. I admire folks who can really buckle down and “stick to the plan” but me, not so much. My life changes so drastically it seems I ‘ve adjusted, re-adjusted, and completely rewritten my entire plan numerous times. After a while, I decided to take it year by year and go with the flow of my life. Part of the reason being is, it allows me to gather and focus my thoughts to better achieve my short-term goals. This allows me to not get overwhelmed with ” the big picture” and rather let the short-term pieces fall together as they may. 


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