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‘Love is Blind’ is back with Season 6, and if you don’t know about it, you might be living under a rock. Let’s skip talking about Season 5 because it was just too much to handle.

So, here’s the information on ‘Love is Blind.’ People meet, but they can’t see each other. They go on dates through walls called pods. Imagine dating without knowing who’s on the other side of the wall – crazy, right? But here’s the kicker,  if you feel a connection, you’re automatically engaged. Then, you get to see your future spouse, and bam, wedding time.

I’ve been on the ‘Love is Blind’ train since Season 1, back when it was all sweet and lovey-dovey. But honestly, it’s taken a downhill with messiness. If you’re into messy reality tv shows, this one’s become a hot mess. No hate, but some of these folks don’t need love; they need therapy.

So, this is my first time writing a review on my blog and I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts on each episode. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the show or just curious about the latest season, I hope my opinion and review provide an enjoyable read.

Episode 1:  Higher Love of 21 questions.

Matthew started the show with 15 questions for his dates to choose from but didn’t want his dates to ask him anything. What’s the point of being on the show if you’re not open to questions? The funniest moment was when Sara Ann answered his question about long-term goals, but he walked out of the pod because she talked too much. How rude, yet hilarious. Why even be on the show?

Somehow, Matthew connected with AD, which got me for a second. I thought to myself maybe he isn’t social and he needs someone to break his social anxiety, but there could be a chance he’s playing a role. Either way, Matthew needs to go!

Jessica’s unsure about telling her dates she has a child, but she should ask them how they feel about it. Jimmy didn’t handle learning about Jessica’s child well, but instead of addressing his concerns, he moved on to the next date with Chelsea. 

Clay’s fear of falling in love without physical connection seems more he should be on “Too Hot to Handle”

 Episode 2: The Hunger game of lies.

How can a guy who avoids talking to others suddenly say the same thing to two women? I believe Matthew was playing games. When confronted by AD. AD’s upset , but why bother with him? At least it proves he’s not the one. 

But, AD is hurt and tells Clay about it and Clay’s confused in the love triangle. The only moment that was funny was when Clay said “who is Matthew?”.

Amber wisely leaves. After being told that she looks like Megan Fox, Jimmy’s clearly into Chelsea. I was hoping she would choose Trevor. 

Matthew said America is standing by him and I believe Matthew is playing a role that I’m glad he finally left and I hope he didn’t find amber. 

AD’s sad about it, which makes me think she likes Matthew more than Clay.

Episode 3: Operations run away.

After Matthew left the pods, I was hoping AD would leave the pods too, because having Clay as the only option when it’s clear he isn’t ready for marriage. The way he apologized wasn’t genuine. He didn’t apologize in a way like he meant it but he only said sorry because why not? 

The moment Jimmy walked into the date with Jessica, he should have said I don’t think this is going to work.  Jimmy doesn’t like to be challenged and Jessica is challenging Jimmy. Jimmy wants fun conversation 24/7. So when he told Chelsea everything that maybe Jessica wanted to hear. At that moment, he made his decision.

Episode 4: Jimmy needs to be on FBoy island.

Jimmy received a letter from Jessica and all he can say is “how sweet”. At that moment, he’s not thinking about Jessica. He doesn’t want to be with Jessica. He waits till it’s time to make a decision then he tells Jessica the truth. 

Jimmy needs to understand when he tells Chelsea that “I love you”. You didn’t think that it was going back to jessica. Chelsea isn’t going to keep her mouth shut. So when Laura told Jessica it’s time to leave. I wish Jessica would have the chance to date other people because she wasted time liking Jimmy. 

But, the part that got me standing on my feet was when Jessica said “you are going to choke” 

Episode 5: Chelsea, Please don’t marry this man.

The way Chelsea compliments Jimmy, not once has he said you’re beautiful. You’re amazing. NOTHING. Then he sees his fiancé, he decides to tell her that he almost thought of leaving. 

Then in his confession, he said  “she definitely lied to me on how she looked”. 

At this point, it’s no longer love is blind because why are you discussing looks when you’re on a show that isn’t based on looks then during their strip they’re talking about Jessica.

Episode 6: What the heck is a “bean dip” ?

To my knowledge, a bean dip is when you hit a woman boob but it’s supposed to be a joke. Then Jeramy decided to tell Clay and AD about it because Laura told her fiancé Jeramy to slap or hit AD’s boob , which made Clay upset but then said something about wheeling her in. Laura is more upset about Jeramy but that’s a joke because I don’t understand why you would want your fiancé to “bean dip” AD. 

Then Jimmy is admiring AD’s booty, which by the way AD needs to give a lesson on how to get a body like that but again Jimmy is showing he isn’t interested in Chelsea.

There’s been no shortage of drama because it has nothing but messy. And guess what? A new episode is tomorrow. I’ll have my popcorn ready and see more of what’s to come. All I know is jimmy better have his EpiPen ready. I can honestly say I’m rooting for johnny & Amy and Brittany & Kenneth. the others, well, let’s just say they should packed their bags and leave. What are your thoughts on the show so far? have Love is Blind lost it’s touch. Any favorite couples or shocking twists? Share your opinions below!