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“30 Days of Self Reflection for The New Year is a challenge that reminds us of our higher potential and push us to thrive in 2018. Through reflections of our past experiences and year, we will discover the essential and transformation qualities we need to develop to become whole and fulfilled, to grow and expand. In other words, the key to our journey is self-realization.” 






  1. 1. an amount of teaching given at one time; a period of learning or teaching.



What lessons from this past year have change who you are as a person?


To change who you are, you must reflect on yourself and not look at others for a change. Life is all about lessons. To teach us about forgiveness, growth, Healing & etc. the lessons that has change who I am as a person are self-love, self-care & Healing. The lessons of this year has taught me to love myself more than others (that’s right!) love myself more than others but, doesn’t that sound selfish? Umm, not at all.


How can you truly love others, if you don’t love yourself or how can you function with life if you don’t love yourself? I’m not saying it’s easy to wake up one morning and start loving yourself  because it wasn’t easy for me but, I needed to love myself for myself. Once you understand your worth and who you are. No one can’t stop you nor stop your shine. Yes, you’re human and you’re going to have your off days but, don’t  stop loving yourself.


I needed to understand why it’s important to focus on myself and focus on what I needed to do for myself. Being a people pleaser isn’t worth the hassle and putting yourself in the back seat of a car isn’t worth it in life. One thing I’ve learned from loving myself is you’re not meant to please everyone and you’re not supposed to.


to be great in life you need to love yourself,

to grow and to learn you need to love yourself,

to dream, to take risk and to do better you need to love yourself.

And lastly, to love others, you need to love yourself.



The lesson that truly changed me as a person are Self-care & Selflove because it’s important to take care of my health & mind. It’s important to love who I am as a woman, love my flaws, love my failures & love all of me because it’s who I am. I’m no way near perfect but, I’m growing and learning.



A little reminder: Don’t apologize for putting yourself first, you’re not selfish because you’ve decided to take of your needs. If you’ve fallen from your journey then why not start over? Learn from your failures, mistakes and experience then move forward, don’t move backwards. You’re amazing. Remember that…xoxo



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