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Dear Imperfection !

       This year has challenged you in more ways than you desired. At times you were afraid , fragile and lost !

As you wrap up 2019 and head into 2020 , know this that it is perfectly okay to not get it right the first time.

You spent some many years living  and trying to live up to so many toxic people’s expectations for your life and have broken free from that !

You found something that you have been searching for so long. That is yourself. 

You found your strength again, took back your life from the enemy and is now whole again !

Most importantly, you found the courage to love yourself again. You can look in the mirror now and not turn away in shame. 

You are now ready to share your gifts with the world and all you have learned about life thus far. 

You have mastered the art of PEACE, It is now time to prepare to walk into a season infinite PROSPERITY

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