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A week ago, I traveled by myself to Fort Myers & Lehigh, Fl. I’m happy I decided to take a trip & visit my best friend aka my sissy pooh of 10 years + I needed a getaway trip but, days went by super fast to the point I was having to much fun by the time that was spent  with her family & celebrating her accomplishments + hanging around with my 6 month old baby niece. *pause* before you ask, no I didn’t had any baby fever – ohhh no! Ain’t no baby fever over here bih *rachet voice* lol.

Disclaimer: this is NOT a bashing post, I’m only writing a review about my experience with greyhound bus station. I repeat – this is NOT a bashing post, just a review & having fun with it. 

Although, my trip was fantastic & relaxing but, my ride there wasn’t. Picture yourself riding on a bus & falling off. I decided to take greyhound bus to Fort Myers because I thought why not save money from renting a car + I know how to drive but, driving on highways gives me so much anxiety (don’t judge me but, I’m working on it). So, I took greyhound bus to Fort Myers and boy, was it a funny/interesting ride experience. Bags all packed + got my ticket and I’m ready to go on my trip!

However, I walked into the Ft. Lauderdale station and let’s just say the place smelled like someone decided to walk into that place and used the bathroom everywhere(just saying) then customer service was horrible. It is my first time riding with greyhound, so you would think there’s people behind the desk would be helpful towards first time customers but, NOPE instead I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt trying to figure out where my bus was located.

I went to the front desk and gave my ticket to the lady behind the desk. She didn’t say hi, or how you’re doing? Nothing but, looked at my ticket and said “alright, you’re going to line B” . So, I thought to myself Umm “line B” because i didn’t know where Line B was located. I only saw numbers that were placed on top of the wall where everyone was heading and I’m someone who can get lost easily(don’t judge me).  I decided to asked her where is line B? but, I guess the young lady behind the desk must of had a bad day because she gave me the worst attitude ever like I ruined her day or I did something to her. Now, I get it – we all have bad days but, you have a job to do – do it well. So, she gave me an attitude for asking where is line B and pointing at a sign that says line B but, there was  a whole bunch of people standing in front of the sign. Like come on – how was I suppose to see “line B” if someone was standing in front of the sign.

However, I wasn’t going to let her attitude affect my mood for my trip. Rule number 1: Never let ANYONE tear you apart nor make you feel like you’re not suppose to be happy. You better have a great glorious day with a positive attitude.

I got on my bus and found a seat but, man was that chair was uncomfortable- as the bus moves, the chair that i sat on kept moving back & forth like it was a rocking chair. However, Fort Myers station is very different + way better from Ft. Lauderdale station because there were more customer service than Ft.Lauderdale station because the ones behind the desk helped me big time. Here’s a tip for any business owners, it’s very important to give respect to your customers that are respectful towards you and I understand there’s customers who will give attitude for no reasons + tries to hard to get a discount & etc. but, for those who are supporting you – you got to make sure customer service is on point. Honestly, I don’t think I will be going back to greyhound bus station ever again because of how terrible  customer service that I experience at Ft.Lauderdale.

Overall, my trip to Fort Myers was very relaxing and I can’t wait to go back to Fort Myers again or even make it official to move there. I like to stay in an environment that is very peaceful & nature like(no, I’m not a nature girl) but, I love the feeling of how nature makes you feel. As a blogger, I felt like I could of written over 10 posts in one day lol but, I reminded myself that I was on vacation and a vacation that was well deserved & amazing.



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What was your worst experience dealing with customer service?(store, airport &etc.) share your experience and if you had the chance to make it into a show, what would you call it?….

As always you’re amazing. Keep striving & DON’T you dare give up. 





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