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How many times you’ve made excuses for yourself? Before you answer that, answer this: do you believe excuses are meant to help you or hurt you?

I know most people use excuses to help themselves but, I believe when you’re using excuses it’s hurting you more than helping you. Boyyyy, when I tell you I’ve made tons of excuses in my life. I’ve made too many excuses as to why I can’t do it. Here’s the truth – we use the word “CAN’T” more than we use the word “CAN” like it’s a full time job. If it was, all of us will become billionaires by now lol. Okay, okay I joke – I joke but, seriously we use the word “CAN’T” more than we use the word “CAN”. Why is that?

All those times I’m making excuses for myself, I thought to myself  – it was helping me but, no I was blocking any greatness/blessing that could have happened in my life. I use to say “I can’t do this because of so & so is holding me back from going into that direction” but, I realized and an amazing best friend of mine made me realized that NO ONE can hold you back from chasing your dreams or your blessings except YOU. No one has that kind of POWER. 

I don’t know why we do that to ourselves, we tend to blame others for not doing something we need to do for ourselves. Why? It’s no ones fault but, your own for not chasing after your goals/dreams.

If you keep making excuses for yourself, you’re not going to go anywhere in life and I’m saying that in a respectful manner cause I’ve been there before. I know some people may take that the wrong way but, I’m giving you that tough love that someone gave to me. So, I believe when you’re making excuses it’s hurting you more than helping you.

“Really, stacey? That can’t be true. Sometimes life happens and I can’t do things that I want to do”. How many times you’ve said that?

And I completely understand life happens, life happens every single day but, you have to learn to not let your problems take control of your happiness and destiny. Let your Faith be bigger than your problems. If I were to let my problems take control of my life, there’ll be no happiness for me. I’ll be stuck in my bubble complaining nonstop. Isn’t that a waste of time & energy?

  • Oh I can’t because life is hard” 

Yes! life is hard but, life is beautiful and you have the power to create your own happiness, don’t let what you’re going through determine for tomorrow or for your future. “Easy for you to say, I bet your life is a piece a cake.”( Lol yeah okay) If I were to tell you what I’ve been through in my life , I might as well write a book about it but, thank God for giving me strength to get through my problems. You can’t let your problems get to you. It’s okay to cry, shout , yell, scream & break down or break things because you’re human. Who says you can’t get upset but, don’t get upset forever. Life isn’t meant to be easy, you’re going to go through hard times but, in the end there’s a rainbow waiting for you to shine on.

  • “I can’t because someone already created that” 

Oh boy. Yes, someone may have done that or created that or it may seem like everyone is doing it but, so what?!. Are you copying what that person is doing ?(I hope not), Are you following their path?? Are you focus on them or yourselves? Hmm, everyone has a different path and yes it may seem like someone has done it or created it or is doing it but, you can take that idea and make it your own . There is no law that says you can’t create your own thing by what inspired you in the first place.

  • “I can’t because I’m afraid of what people will say about me” 

Ummmm okay. People are going to say whatever they want to say about you. All you can do is not give a f-ck( I’m sorry for my language but, i need you to have that tough skin boo) cause the truth is EVERYONE will talk about you and that will never end. So, keep shining & focus on you.

  • “I can’t because no one will support me” 

You need someone to support you. Look yourself in the mirror and that’s the main person that needs to support you. Stop waiting for others to support you, support yourself. Become your biggest cheerleader and the rest will fall into place.

  • “I Can’t because I might fail” 

Why are you afraid of failure? Why? What is so bad about failure that you can’t accept and move on from. Why? Without failure there’s no success. So, in order to become successful you must fail. When you fail, you WILL learn from your failures then you’ll get back up and try again. Your success will happen in the right time/moment. Don’t make the fear of failure stop you. NOTHING can stop you from your destiny – NOTHING is impossible for you. So stop making excuses and pop that bubble or break out of that box that you’re in and shine. This is a journey that you can enjoy and appreciate…. IT IS MEANT FOR YOU FOR A REASON, STOP FOCUSING ON THE WRONG THINGS… 





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Do you believe excuses are meant to help you or hurt you?(No right or wrong answer).


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