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I can make it happen..

I can build myself up..

I can grow beautifully.

I can shine bright.

I can do this … you can do this … We can do this.

I will grow with love.

I will make it happen.

I will live purposely.

I will smile more.

I will speak my truth.

I will believe in myself.

I will dream big.

I shall believe in myself.

I shall trust in God.

I shall walk by faith not my sight

I shall trust the progress and grow as I learn.

I am pleased to announce Beautiful & Bold worksheet edition: I Can…I Will.. I Shall. For only $5

I created this worksheet to help you to take the time to yourself, where you’re able to write down goals, a letter to yourself and reflect on what’s been going on in your life. This 15 page worksheet is for you to grow more and to be able to reflect and release. Take it day by day and DO NOT rush it!

If interested, feel free to email me at for cashapp information or if you’re not comfortable with cashapp then zelle is perfectly fine…

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