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“30 Days of Self Reflection for the New Year is a challenge that reminds us of our higher potential and push us to thrive in 2018. Through reflections of our past experiences and year, we will discover the essential and transformation qualities we need to develop to become whole and fulfilled, to grow and expand. In other words, the key to our journey is self-realization.” 







  1. 1. the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state.


Finish the sentence. I am becoming….


I am becoming….


I’ve blossom into a woman.


I am becoming someone who I never dreamt of becoming. This woman I’m becoming is still learning to stop using excuses for fulfilling greatness and accepting love from herself + others. I know it’s one of those moments were you’ve always been told “NO” or you’ve always been told something negative about yourself but, when you know who you are as a woman then no one in the world can tell you anything about yourself.


I am becoming stronger, allowing my faith to take charge into my life. Of course, I’m human where I’ll get distracted by my problems and depression will kick in at any moment but, can’t let me stress & worries take over my life or take away the best out of me (I Can fight my depressions).


I am becoming more loving & caring to others but, more to myself because I love who I learned to be & I’ve learned to take care of the woman I am. I am becoming a woman of unapologetic because there’s no need to apologize for being yourself and living your best life.

I am becoming a woman who’s passionate of her vision, her purpose in life & becoming a better woman. I am becoming a woman of a Believer, Investor & supporter of herself + a supporter of others. I believe I can get through anything with Christ by my side. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe I will get to the point I’ve always seen myself getting too, which is living for what I’m passionate about + living my best life the way I tend to. I invest my time in myself because that’s the main key in my journey is to invest my time & energy into myself, my path of life. I am becoming a supporter because I am my biggest cheerleader. I am becoming a woman who wants more for herself and that’s by blocking the noises and keep moving forward with my life with love, joy, happiness, blessings & peace.


Side Note: learn to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll know how to take care of yourself. Once you go through selflove & selfcare then you’ll learn to believe in yourself and not wait for anyone to believe in you. STOP OVERTHINKING! Get to work…



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