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You’ve seen it everywhere in social media or blogs. You’ve seen it on my blogs, were I talk a lot about going for it. You’ve read it a lot of times when people tell you “you need to stop wondering and just go for it” or “Don’t let fear stop you from dreaming or achieving. ” or “in order to be successful, you need to fail. So accept failure and try again” and many more positive motivational posts or inspiring posts that makes you wonder and think:

Yeah, you’re right! FORGET FEAR! I’M GOING FOR IT. I WILL ACCEPT FAILURE AND MOVE ON, but as soon as reality kicks in – you’re back to square one. You’re back to that place where you keep asking yourself “why?”. 

“Why is this happening to me?” 

“Why can’t I be successful like them?” 


Everyone has ask those questions before through their journey of life. We sit down, thinking to ourselves – yeah we want success but, do we want to work hard for  success? Some of you would say “yes, of course” and some will say “no, Stacey – if there’s a easy way out , I’ll probably take the easy way out instead of working hard for it.”

And I get it 100% because boyyyyy do I feel like giving up but, if you want to be successful you can’t give up.

And if you took the easy way out then what’s the point of it? What is that going to teach you? What’s the point of becoming successful? What’s the point of working hard or what’s the point of working hard at all? If it was so easy to be successful then why is everyone in this world isn’t successful? Hmm.

I know in your head you’re thinking to yourself but, what if I fail again. No, no , no – let’s not go with what if , let’s go with I can do this, yes I will try again and if I fail again then it’s okay because I know I will make it and I’ll succeed at it. 

I know you’re tired of seeing it over and over again how people would say “you need to go for it”. I know I was when I went through the things I went through because I felt like no one really knew my life nor no one really were in my shoes.

No one can take your place of your life nor understand what you’re going through unless they’re in the same place as you but, how bad do you want it?. You say, you want to be successful one day, you say – you want to have your own business, your own website, go back to school, get a better job & etc. How bad do you want it?

We need to remind ourselves, if we don’t like where we are in life then we need to change it or do something about it. You see, you can’t sit around complain about it and not do anything about it but, wonder why so & so became successful before you. Hmmm, you see that’s when you’re wrong and you’ve wasted time and energy on focusing on what so&so doing instead of focusing on YOU.

Trust me, I get it when you look at people’s life through social media, it’s like their lives is so much better than yours but, here’s something that I believe we all need to understand is people only show you what they want to show you. So, you don’t know what goes on behind the picture and you don’t know what it took for them to finally be happy in their lives.

One thing I’ve learned about life, nothing is going to be handed to you, if you want something in life you have to go out there and chase after it. No, life isn’t easy – of course not but, life is beautiful. It is a journey and a journey to enjoy the ride, if you’re willing to work for it. So, I ask again How bad do you want it? The answer should be whatever keeps you motivated to become successful, that is what you NEED to focus on. Whatever keeps you going in life is what you need to focus on.

A reminder: “let your faith be bigger than your fears”

No matter what anyone has told you or no matter what has happened in the past, Who cares. No matter how many times you’ve fall or fail, get back up and try again. What you do today can make a difference for your future. So, stay focus on you and be hungry, chase after anything that’s going to help you to change your life for good and be motivated every single day. Don’t focus on others but, focus on yourself. Everyone has a different success story. So, tell me How bad do you want it?