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Yes, I know what you’re thinking you’re not getting the spring vibe or you’re probably wondering when is spring going to begin? Depends where you are, spring has yet to approach your state. Well, don’t worried spring is here in most places like Hawaii. If you didn’t know, Hawaii is one of my top 10 places for traveling. Also, my top 5 places for spring break vacation.


 So I have an great idea! let’s take a trip to Hawaii. Lol, sounds exciting to go to Hawaii. So, when are we going to Hawaii?, what should I bring to Hawaii? Truth be told, no ones going to Hawaii. Well, not at the moment but soon I will go to Hawaii for a nice vacation. However, if you were going to Hawaii tomorrow morning what would you do for the next four days in Hawaii?


1. Helicopter ride over the volcanos. I know what you’re thinking, I must be crazy to fly over volcanos but, wouldn’t that be the highlight of your day to get into a helicopter and flying over volcanos.


2. Hiking. Based on pictures and traveler blogger who video tapes their trips, I would hike to see the view of Hawaii.


3. Walk on the beach.



4. Surfing lesson.


5. Horse riding.


6. Eat Hawaiian food. Always open to try something new.


7. Face to face with whales in the ocean.


8. A Spa. Who wouldn’t needed a nice spa to go too. Hawaii is the place to be for a spa with a view.


If you had the chance to go to Hawaii, what would your plans be?