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Disclaimer:All stories are fictional. All characters are made up by me. You may relate or may not relate to these stories, but these stories are meant to be funny, filled with laughter, love, craziness and a little bit of sexy…So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Life is hard!

Life is a roller coaster!

Life is a narrow path!

 Life can be a pain in the butt. One minute, I’m in a good state of mind, everything seems perfectly fine and….. BAM! Life hits myself in the face with tons of challenges and different types of pain with fears. I couldn’t believe it and as human as I can be, I begin to question myself and to try to make sense out of life. 

Why can’t life be easy?

Why can’t life be something with less emotions?

Why do bad things happen?  

Is there a way to have happiness come to you? 

Well, instead of sitting there feeling sorry for myself, I want to bring happiness to myself and not question so much of life. So, is there a way to have happiness to come in my life? YES! 

Yes, I can be happy with myself,

 Yes, I can have a day filled with greatness,

and YES, I can bring happiness into my life! 

Yes I CAN! YES I CAN! YES I CAN! I know I need to feel it and believe it. YES I CAN*SpongeBob voice*(lol). I feel better saying “YES, I CAN” because I can be unstoppable with I could do anything I set my mind to.

  SpongeBob is a perfect example of someone who is always truly happy, no matter what anyone tells him or no matter what is going on at bikini bottom. When Mr.Krabs barely pays him, it doesn’t matter to SpongeBob because he loves his job and always smiling(lol). He always seems to bring the light into someone’s life or he seems to bring the best out of someone’s life. 

Life is hard, but at the same time life can have so many beautiful moments through our most challenging moments. Life isn’t perfect and life isn’t easy, but there’s something about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Most people tend to have a mindset of “life needs to be perfect in order to be happy.” but, that is far from the truth. I’ve never met a perfect human in my life, have you? No?. 

Life is a roller coaster but life is beautiful! 

If I want happiness, I need to choose happiness by not letting my challenges to determine my truth or my purpose. By not letting anyone determine my future for myself and by not letting unhappy people determine my success. If I want happiness, I need to chase towards it.   Everyday I have a decision to make. The funniest thing about life, life is a class that we participate in everyday and everyday we’re taught a lesson that we need to learn from – To gain the knowledge and to become wiser. 

Happiness is love

Happiness is peace 

Happiness is joy 

Happiness is greatness 

Happiness is blessing 

Happiness is positivity 

Happiness is faith 

Happiness is hope 

Happiness is success

Happiness is all in one……..

Happiness is whatever you make it to be, Happiness is within you because what happiness means to me could possibly be the total opposite of what it means to you. I tell myself – Today, I choose

H A P P I N E S S ……. 

Question: What do happiness means to you? and What brings to your life? Comment below,

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