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“30 Days of Self Reflection for The New Year is a challenge that reminds us of our higher potential and push us to thrive in 2018. Through reflections of our past experiences and year, we will discover the essential and transformation qualities we need to develop to become whole and fulfilled, to grow and expand. In other words, the key to our journey is self-realization.” 



The word of the day is Growth….






noun: growth; plural noun: growths



  1. the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.



In what area of your life have you grown the most this past year? What do you think help you change?



To grow, you must learn from what life is teaching you. The area of my life that I’ve grown the most should be mostly embracing the moment of the journey I am in + faith. When I first started blogging or decided to launch a blog, I didn’t know what to expect.


I knew I wanted to have a blog but, I didn’t know what was my purpose of my blog, I knew I wanted people to read my contents but, I didn’t know what I wanted for my blog and I didn’t know what to expect nor what I needed to do. Truth be told, I didn’t take my blogging journey seriously (I know, I know. Fear is a buzzkill but, there’s no excuse).


Also, telling people you’re a blogger, writer & creator, sometimes kills the vibe. They’ll say things that’ll make you think “oh, is this meant to be? Should I continue? Are they right about what they’re saying?”. There were moments in my life where I wanted to give up but, didn’t had the strength to give up then there were other moments of rushing the process, which allowed myself to fail more than succeeding.


What helped me change to grow in my faith? Trust, meditate with prayer + devotional. Feed my mind with positivity (I want a positive mindset). Letting go all the negative vibes in my thoughts and letting go every self-doubt and to learn to trust God to lead the way for me. It’s all about trust.

What helped me to grow from fear & self-doubts? Well,


  • First, I needed to take it easy and understand my reason why behind Beautiful & Bold.


  • Second, there’s no need to rush to where I want to take my brand. I shouldn’t look forward to the future but, look forward to right now and how Beautiful & Bold has changed me & itself.


  • Third, not caring what others think of it. Once I realize I don’t care what other people think of it. It’s okay because I’m not meant to please everyone.


  • Lastly, I know a lot of people dislike failures, downfalls, mix emotions & etc. but, I understand my failures, downfalls & mixed emotions and they’re beautiful.



Side Note: Failures, downfalls & mixed emotions don’t have to be something you want to run from. Learn to take the negative vibes and turn it into a positive…. Xoxo



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