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They’ve said you couldn’t do it but, you did. They’ve said you shouldn’t do it but, you knew you can. They’ve said you can’t live this kind of lifestyle but, you are able to live a lifestyle that God made for you. They’ve said your past is going to hold you down but, you’ve forgiven yourself. So, whoever can’t get over your past then that’s on them and not on you. They’ve said what you’re doing isn’t “real” but, how would they know what’s “real” and what’s not? How? If it’s your passion, then it’s 100% real and it’s 100% yours. They’ve said it’s not going to be easy but, what life is? What journey is easy? News flash, nothing is ever easy but, you kept going and you should continue to keep going. They’ve said you can’t do this because it’s impossible to do but, baby you know what’s in the word impossible- “I’m possible”. You are possible. You’re possible to do anything you set your mind to.

They’ve said no one will support you but, you have yourself to support and there’ll be more support coming your way (don’t focus too much on who supports you or not). They’ve said you will fail but, how else are you able to grow and learn? If you don’t fail, how are you able to succeed? So, failure is a good thing but, face your failures more than running away from your failures. They’ve said your ideas are not great but, your ideas are yours and not theirs. They’ve said you should live a life like this or that but, little do they know you can live a life whatever life you decide to live. As long as God says yes – no one can’t tell you how to run your life but, yourself.

No matter what you’ve heard and what has been said to you, you can do it! You can become this amazing unstoppable individual. Unstoppable because no one can stop you, the only person who can stop you is yourself. So, are you going to allow what “they” say stop you from fulfilling your vision and passion? NO. It’s the final first quarter, whatever negative thoughts you may have, don’t let it stop you, any doubts you have or fears you have, don’t let it stop you. Keep faith alive and keep going. Don’t give up, be brave, take chances and make it happen. Only you can make the first move. January and February may have been a challenge but, it’s your time to turn things around in March.

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