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Dear Beautiful,

You can’t make everyone happy. Don’t focus on who’s not rooting for you. It isn’t your responsibility to prove to someone that you can do this. It isn’t your responsibility to prove to someone that you are enough. God sees the best in you.

Focus on yourself and stop trying to prove to “them”.  You are truly amazing. You can achieve anything in life. If it’s part of God’s plan then why not walk into God’s plan. Don’t prove to others, prove to yourself. You matter, your goals matter and your vision matters.

It’s not your business to keep up with what someone has said about you. It’s not your business to try to make everyone happy. You’re not a people pleaser because it’s not part of your purpose to focus on making everyone happy. You are someone special, but it isn’t your business to make someone see how worthy you are. You are worthy. 

It’s okay for someone to not believe in you because what matters the most is do you believe in yourself? There’s no time to focus on things that don’t move you forward into your purpose. Continue to do what you do best. Continue to live in your purpose. Continue to dream big and strive to be the best. Continue to live in faith. Continue to learn and grow because everyday is a different day, but the fact is no matter what, you can do it. I know you can do it because I believe in you.

Your business is you because you are important. Your business is you because your mind, your body, your peace, your goals/dreams, your growth, your vision and your purpose is important. 

Your business is your path.Your business is your goal.

Your business is your growth.Your business is your failure. 

Your business is your love for yourself. Your business is your kindness to yourself.

Your business is your faith.Your business is your strength to get up every glorious morning to try again and do the best you can.

Your business is moving forward and not backward.Your business is not caring for what anyone has said about you or to you because whatever someone has said about you has nothing to do with you. You’re someone special and whatever has been said about you is not on you.

Start minding your own business and stay focused on the path God has for you. Who cares who doesn’t believe in you, who cares who doesn’t promote your work. Focus on the support you have now. Create your own opportunity. Who cares if someone else has the same idea as you, no one can do what you do. 

Your idea is unique for you because it is yours and no one can create your idea like you can. What is for you is for you and if someone doesn’t agree with you about your life, your dreams, your goals, and your growth then it isn’t your business. Your business is you.