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“30 Days of Self Reflection for The New Year is a challenge that reminds us of our higher potential and push us to thrive in 2018. Through reflections of our past experiences and year, we will discover the essential and transformation qualities we need to develop to become whole and fulfilled, to grow and expand. In other words, the key to our journey is self-realization.”





plural noun: flaws

  1. a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.


What flaws and insecurities have learned to embrace this year? How does it feel to look in the mirror and love it?


The journey of self-love? Hmmm, you know we’ve seen it around social media about everyone’s selflove journey and what made them love themselves. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love how powerful everyone speaking up about their journey of love.


For example, if I were to ask you – what do you love about yourself? Many of you would have said I love how powerful I am and strong I am + how you’ve changed as a person but, what about your features. Selflove is more than loving who you are but, loving your body + face features.


The flaws I needed to embrace were my forehead and head + arm & teeth. Also, my butt … lorddddd you bless me with nice lips & eyes + eyebrows but, you didn’t bless with a nice shape butt. Listen, I have a little little booty but, I want a nice shape butt and before, you say I need to do more squats with some other exercise advise – (pleaseeeee, myself and squats don’t get along lol). I’m going to tell you right now the goal for 2018 is to get a butt.


Anyways, enough about my butt(lol). I used to hate how I looked from my face to my body (I hated it). I used to call myself bad body girl because I didn’t have the perfect body but, what is a perfect body? No one seems to want to answer or even have a real answer to the question. I have an answer, there’s no such thing as a perfect body. So, how did I learned to love what I see in the mirror because God bless me with a face to admire, I love who looking at the woman in the mirror because I love my flaws by embracing what I got.


Side Note: Everyone has a flaw they’re not so in love with and that’s okay. You don’t have to love your flaws right away but, you can embrace what you got and turn the negative into a positive.



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