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Dear Fearless,

I know you’re scared. 

I know you’re trying your best to cover your fears.

I know you’ve heard it so many times. 

I know you want to push it away. 

I know you see the vision of your life but, when you open your eyes, you can’t quite see it because of fear. 

I know you feel alone like no one has your back. 

I know you feel like your situation will never end. 

I know your feeling lost. 

I know your feeling emotionally or heartbroken but, do you want to know the truth? 

Truth is, it’s okay to have fear but, those fears won’t last forever. 

Truth is, you’re not a robot so stop pretending and start facing your fears. 

Truth is you may feel lost but, God has all the answers for you.

Truth is you are fearless.

Fearless is what’s in you.

Fearless is who you can become.

Fearless is doing something with faith.

Fearless is stepping out of your comfort zone.

Fearless is walking with boldness and unashamed about who you are and your journey.

Fearless is YOU.

Tomorrow is a new month, it’s time to put your fears aside and blossom.

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