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Dear Beautiful,

Are you afraid? Are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone? Are you afraid of change? Fear is something we hold onto because it is safe. Fear protects us from the unexpected, but fear takes away who you are and who you are becoming. Holding onto fear is moving backward instead of moving forward. It’s okay to be afraid to move forward or to be afraid of change, but don’t let fear block your blessings. Don’t let fear stop you from your greatness. Don’t let fear stop you from your purpose. If you are afraid to see what you are capable of, then you are on the right track because you are honest with yourself. Fear is moving forward because even with fear you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. Don’t let go of your belief in yourself. Don’t stop your faith because of fear, but move forward with fear because you are special. 

It’s understandable to be scared because it is something new. You are walking into a new chapter, and it’s okay not knowing what is going to happen in this new chapter. Truth is you can walk into a new change without knowing, but believing you are walking into a new change of greatness for yourself. Yes, you can be afraid of change or afraid of disappointments, but you are not a disappointment. Even if something doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean you are a disappointment because you are not. Yes, you can be afraid to fail again because it seems like every chance you get, it feels like failure keeps knocking at your door, but it doesn’t make you a failure. 

Yes, you may feel rejected, but that doesn’t mean you’re not important  nor it doesn’t mean your journey and your purpose doesn’t matter. Something new is a beautiful kind of change, but an awesome kind of change that can change your life for greater. Do you really want to stay in the same position forever? No. You want to elevate to the next level of your life. Yes, you are afraid, but you are someone who can push through your fears because you got this. Do not let fear be the reason why you can’t keep going. Let fear be the reason you can keep going and hold onto the reason why you started in the first place. It’s okay to have fears, but do not let your fears make you feel like you can’t do something because you can. Who cares if someone doesn’t believe you can and who cares if someone tells you that you can’t do it because they can’t see it. It’s not about them and this isn’t their journey. 

Here’s what I know, you are destined for greatness. God sees you, I see you and you need to see for yourself of your greatness. Your fears will not hold you back from your true potential, but don’t use your fears as an excuse to not keep going, to not keep striving, to not keep learning and growing. Don’t use fear as your excuse to stop. Keep in mind, God is with you and he got you. Keep the faith and keep pushing because you got this. Nothing is perfect, so do the best you can to learn, to grow and elevate yourself. 

Tell your story and don’t be ashamed of speaking your truth. Focus on yourself and don’t let anyone stop you. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Don’t overthink it, don’t rush the process and don’t push yourself back.  

Show up for yourself and forgive yourself for past mistakes. You are not your past. No matter what anyone has said about your past, you are not your past. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, get back up and try again, There’s nothing wrong with trying again.  

Fear is holding you back, but guess what? Fear can’t hold you back from your purpose.  

You are brave. 

You are unapologetic. 

You are beautiful.

You are a success.

You will achieve.

You are awake.

You are at peace.

You are a joy.

You are blessed.

You are loved.

You have faith.

You are bold.

You are great.

You are phenomenal. 

You’re a treasure.

You’re A Motherf-cking QUEEN(Excuse my language)

You are fantastic. 

You are fabulous. 

You are an overcomer of many things. 

You’re a warrior.

You are growing.

You are bold. 

You are enough today, tomorrow and forever.