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– ” a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future”

” Don’t expect people to understand your grind when The Most High didn’t give them your vision”  – unknown

When we’re in school , we’re expected to never fail , we’re expected to know the materials of what is being taught in class, we’re expected to get a high school diploma then after high school we’re expected to go to college and expected to get a degree or get a good job that pays well but, in reality that great job that you have turns out to be a job that you hate then you wonder what life could of been like if you did this or that.
You’re expected to live the American dream of graduating from school then working but, is that really the American dream to graduate from school and get a real job. By the way, what is truly the American dream? And What is a real job? It’s like people are expecting you to say when I grow up I want to be a doctor or lawyer or engineer or a nurse. Although, all those professions are very good at what they do and of course this world needs doctors/nurses, lawyers or engineers but, not everyone can be a doctor/nurse or a lawyer or engineer .
There’s so many expectation that we put on ourselves to the point , we don’t sit back and enjoy the moment or to be true to ourselves because if yesterday was a terrible day then you’re expected today will also be a terrible day because of yesterday but, what you do know is that today can be a great day because the way you start your day is how you’ll finish your day.
Expectation leaves with too much disappointments. We’re expected to be promoted at a job but, doesn’t get promoted. You’re expected for your family/friends to support you no matter what decisions you’ve made but, no one seem to understand what it is that they need to support you in because in their eyes they’re not going to get it. I realize you can’t expect people to support everything you do in life, those who will support you will support you and those that don’t agree with you that’s on them not on you. You can’t expect too much in life nor on people because you never know what tomorrow will bring. I always believe that expect the unexpected because in life not everything goes as planned and I learned there’s always something bigger than the plan that I have for myself. So, it’s okay to have expectations but, one thing I’ve learned with expectation it is best to not have one and just live your life the way you see.