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Dear Beautiful,

Here’s a reminder, you are enough. Stop second guessing yourself and stop putting yourself below the belt. You are enough. 

But, the truth is you know that you’re enough. You need to show it more and not let anyone stop you from feeling like you’re not enough. You are someone who is learning and growing. There’s nothing wrong with learning about yourself and growing while learning. No matter what anyone has said about you, never stop learning nor never stop trying. 

There’s no such thing as being perfect. You’re not meant to be perfect. today , you are enough, tomorrow, you are enough and forever, you are enough. Don’t let anyone push you back and make you feel like you’re not worthy. You are worthy. I don’t care what you’ve done in your past, but your past doesn’t determine who you are today. I don’t care if someone doesn’t believe you’re worthy. Again, you are worthy. Don’t you dare put your head down for someone’s opinion about you. Keep your head up and see yourself as amazing as you are. You are loved.

Truth is there’s love in you. Start to choose yourself more often. Don’t let those negative comments about you stop you from living your life. It’s not easy to ignore, but you can depend on your own faith in yourself and not depend on someone’s opinion about you. Truth is people’s opinions about you shouldn’t matter. What matters is how you feel about yourself. 

Bring out the best in you. Give yourself love and care. You are loved and you deserve greatness. Yes, you’ve been hurt, angry, sad, and there’s moments you wanted to give up, but you didn’t. What you’ve been through shouldn’t stop you from your purpose and what God has for you. Remember this:

You are loved.

You are brave.

You are phenomenal.

Your story matters.

You are imperfect.

You are important.

You are a joy.

You are at peace.

You are blessed.

You are awake.

You are unapologetic.

You are bold.

You are beautiful.

Your growth is beautiful. 

Speak your truth loud and proud.

Remember who you are. Don’t let anyone take away your belief in yourself.  Stay true to yourself and stay true to your truth. You don’t owe anyone any explanation about your growth. You are everything great and more. You are enough.