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Dear Motivated,

People may not understand what you do in life but, do you understand what you do in life? Do you understand who you are? Do you understand what you’re capable of? People may not understand your vision but, God gave you the vision for you and not for them. Your vision isn’t meant for someone to understand what you see for yourself. What is your reason? Why do you love what you do? You know the reason behind your motivation because you are eager to turn your dreams into reality and you are eager to create something special for yourself. 

You are destined for something special. 

You are passionate about your gift and talent. 

You believe in yourself because you know what you’re capable of.

You’ve been through a lot of frustration and failures but, you are overcoming those frustrations to better yourself as a woman because you see someone who is able to turn things around for yourself. Nothing comes easy, but you should trust in the process. Your mind is set to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Hold onto faith today and forever because God will take you to the next level. You can make it happen but, you need to trust yourself to make it happen for yourself.

Love yourself.

Care for yourself. Take steps into learning and growing because life isn’t about perfection. You can move forward away from your past mistakes because who you used to be isn’t who you are today. You are meant to be loved and you are meant to show up for yourself. You are holding yourself back from doing what you need to do. You have dreams, you have goals and you have purpose. Why not go for it? Why not push yourself to the next level? Don’t wait for the door that is meant to be closed to open because there’s another door that needs you to open it. Let go of those feelings of mistakes. You are human and you need to make mistakes, but you are not your past and you are not moving backwards because you are moving forward. 

Be patient with yourself.

You are talented. Your talent is special and don’t lose it because things didn’t go as planned. Don’t lose yourself because something wasn’t perfect. Nothing is perfect but, it is your dreams, your idea, your passion and your purpose, it is perfect for you because it belongs to you. You are scared because you do not want to fail but, just because you fail doesn’t make you a loser. You are not a loser but, you are motivated and you should keep going because you are going to make it.

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