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Dear Determined,

No one likes to fail. No one likes the stages of failures. Whenever we fail, it seems like it’s the end of the world but, is it the end of the world? I think not. We fail but we get back up because we didn’t give up. You didn’t give up because failures will not defeat you. Try something new with failures. Try to love failures and I know it’s a challenge because it seems like failures can have its moment of feeling like you can never succeed but, it’s a lie. You can succeed and you will succeed but, you can’t succeed with a mind of wanting to hurry up the process. You can’t hurry up something that isn’t meant to happen. Timing is everything, God’s timing is everything. You work so hard but don’t give up because you’re getting exhausted. Hold onto what motivates you to keep going, starting over doesn’t make you a failure. Starting over makes you someone who’s rising up to the next level. 

Be determined. Think outside the box and step out of your comfort zone because success is calling your name. Failure is there to help you, learn from your failures and take what you learn to move forward to a new chapter of life. You don’t need to rush and you will learn nothing from rushing the process. Focus on what you can do differently. I don’t expect you to smile through your failures. However, you shouldn’t give up because something didn’t go as planned. There’s always a lesson to learn about your failures. If you fail,you should try again and again until you are close to where God needs you to be. If you want success, then what are you willing to do for success? Be determined to make it happen for yourself. The vision you have is worth the journey to make it come to light. Your dreams are worth becoming a reality for you. 

Don’t give up. Your journey makes you, you. 

Your tears make you, you.

Your growth makes you, you. 

Your failures make you, you.

Your love makes you, you.

Your faith makes you, you.

It isn’t easy to hold on to what motivates you to keep going but, you are a warrior and I believe you can overcome your downfalls of failures. You are not going backwards, you are moving forward because you will succeed. No matter how many times you’ve failed, you can still make it happen. No matter how many times you’ve failed, you have the power to do what you’re destined to do with faith. There’s always something to be proud about. No matter how hard life can be, never look at your life as nothing ever good will come for you because you are deserving to live a life you can be proud of. Be determined to keep going.

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