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” the road to success comes through hard work , determination and sacrifice” 

Everyone has a purpose in life and it’s not easy to find that purpose. sometimes it can be confusing when we begin to search for our purpose. I believe it’s a journey to wonder what is it that we’re meant to do in life. It’s like your taking a trip to a place that you dreamed of, to a place that only you can understand, that only you can see because this path that you’re heading belong to you and no one else. No one can see what’s in your path besides the man above – The Most High. It is Like with every road trip there’s always distractions – either it’s someone driving so slow in front of you or someone telling you to hurry up because you’re driving too slow even though you’re driving in the speed limit but still it’s slow to others. And I get it everyone is trying to get to their destination faster but, you see the more you try to get there faster , it never ends well when you’re rushing. It’s the same as for our life and where we’re heading in life , everyone wants to know what their future is going to be like , I know I do. I know I wish there was a time machine so I can jump right into it and just go to five years from now and see what life would be like in five years. It’s like everyone is in a hurry to get to their destination but, then I realize the more I want to hurry to my destination, the more I loose focus on what I need to stay focus on. Sometimes, we focus on the wrong things that can create a different path that we don’t want to be on. It’s like I said it is a journey, through the hard work , through the consistency and sacrifices but, in the end you’ll understand why you need to work harder then before because I believe with every destination there is happiness, joy , peace and success. The road to success, the road to happiness or peace, the road of living your dreams or of living the vision that was place in your hands that no one is supposed to understand but you. When you believe in yourself, you can do so much and when you only focus on your path you’ll get there and even if you lost track of your path or track of time , giving up shouldn’t be an option, get back on the road and start again. There shouldn’t be no rush to get to your destination, I believe timing is everything. In order to get to your destination of becoming successful you need to accept the failures/downfalls and stay consistent with yourself.