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Dear you,

Do you know how beautiful you are? No? Well, from your beautiful eyes to your beautifully smile – I say you’re  beautiful. Don’t look at what society believes whats beautiful – believe in yourself that you’re beautiful.

Your hair is beautiful,

your eyes are beautiful,

Your skin is beautiful,

Your flaws are beautiful

your mind, body & soul is beautiful,

Who you are is beautiful and who you’ll become is beautiful…

Beauty is self love and self care. Beauty has nothing to do with the latest fashion, or body fits. Don’t worried about what others say of you because what’s important is what you see in yourself. Building confidence takes time but, it’s starts with you. You should NOT sit around waiting for someone else to tell you how amazing you are and how beautiful you are because you need to believe it yourself. Do NOT compare your beauty to another person beauty. Everyone has a different flaw that they’re learning to love. So, embrace your flaws and turn every negative thoughts into positive thoughts

Love yourself for who you are no matter what happened and no matter what others has said to you. Your past doesn’t determine your future. So, say it with me:I love me, I love my flaws and I love who I am(I love who I’ll become)❤️.