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Dear Ms. Perfect,

Even though you’re far from it, It’s okay to mess up sometimes. You’re so afraid of failure and to mess up in front of others. You’ve trapped yourself in this comfort-zone. Arise from it, know that’s it’s perfectly fine to mess up.

It’s okay to feel and be emotional, you don’t have to always cover it up with a straight face. Never be ashamed for feeling a certain way towards someone or a situation. Feel all that you’re feeling and work through it, let it flow.

You continue to have this idea and want to let people think you have everything together when you don’t..but that’s ok.

Remind yourself that’s it’s ok, even it’s sometimes you feel like it’s not. Take time out your day to figure out why.

You don’t always have to be Ms. Perfect, beautiful….


Someone who’s not so perfect 💗

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