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Dear Artist,

You are electric. You are a shining light.

You’re a warrior. You’re a rockstar.

This year, You’ve learned that you are fearless. You’ve learned that you don’t settle for less, and you’d do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. You’ve learned to not succumb to your mental disparities and to not be so hard on yourself. You’ve learned to trust in God, and allow those doors to open for you.

2018 was going to be the year that changed your life – and it did. You’ve grown so much since the New Year came along, and I’m so proud of your growth as a young black woman. It is because of the spiritual bootcamp that you put yourself through, that You’re able to speak up for what You’re passionate about, while glorifying God along the way.

“Artist, your future is so bright”, was the mantra that you imprinted inside of your brain. You had to build up faith in yourself to actually believe in yourself. You see, You was raised to never give up. You was told that if You believe in yourself, educate yourself, and trust in God that You’ll be unstoppable. Today, I am.


I am an artist. My name is Sarell, and my future was handcrafted by God to become a Furniture Designer and Interior Decorator.



Sarell (Suh-rell)



“Do you believe in a 5-year plan? If so, where do you see yourself in 5 years with your brand and self?”

I absolutely do. In 5 years, I’ll be 25. For my brand, I see myself owning my own studio space for my work. I see myself designing one-of-a-kind furniture for clients, while also working with companies to produce furniture in mass quantities. I also see myself creating beautiful, yet comfortable spaces as an interior decorator. If all goes according to God’s plan, I also see myself blogging full-time. I’m hoping to have a lot going on as you can see, haha.

For myself, I see myself being happy. It’s a vague answer, but I’m just hoping to go wherever life takes me. I’d love to travel a lot more in 5 years, and to live in the home of my dreams.

You can find Sarell at: