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Dear Summer,

Spring is finally coming to an end and let’s be honest – everyone is waiting for the summer to come as soon as possible plus spring was never here in the first place.  Looks like you’ve been taking over spring with all this high weather temperature.  Well, at  least in my part of town, it’s literally a roller coaster: first it’s windy then it’s raining then it’s hot and sweaty to the point people should stay home in the cool air.

I know a lot of people aren’t excited for the weather but, people are excited for the activities. I am ready to dance till sunrise to sunset with a Piña Colada. Oh my gosh – a Piña Colada sounds so perfect right now with alcohol(of course). You can’t have a summer vacation without Pina Colada.

You see summer, you are the perfect season because you bring the fun in the sun. Of course, you’ll have people who will complain how hot it is and how they’re ready for the summer to be over but, don’t listen to them.

Summer, this season will be amazing (as these young kids would say summer 2k17 will be lit)and mark my words the month of June – August is nothing but, greatness happening.

Note To Self: No matter how busy you are, always  make time for yourself because self – care is the most important factor in your life.

Summer is the season to be outside and enjoy ourselves plus have a pool party, travel , go to concerts , girls trips or guys trips and more. I’m super excited for summer more than I’ve ever been before. I guess you can say it’s only because I’m going places this summer and great things are happening for me.

SideNote: Always have a positive mindset. Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself. Support yourself. And NEVER GIVE UP. 


I can’t wait to see what’s In store for the summer. So, summer let’s be hot and dance till the sunsets…


“Every Summer Has Its Own Story.”


Are you excited for the summer? What are your plans for summer2K17? Comment below and let’s dance with the sun  …