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Remember the time when your English teacher or any teacher that you had in high school or middle school , and they would give you an assignment to write down “where will you be in 10 years“, so you think to yourself where will you be in 10 years?. You list down all of your 10 lifetime goals that you wanted to do in life or where you see yourself after high school. The number one goal that would of been on everyone list would be graduating college – which is a great/awesome accomplishment of our lives – making ourselves proud , to make our parents proud and to make everyone around us proud, by graduating from college with either a bachelor degree or a master degree, but does college determine your success in life?. Is it the only way to become successful?.
I read an article the other day and it said something that really had me thinking about life in general. This article was based on should everyone go to college or should people go after their dreams and do whatever makes them happy ,but what really got me to think is when it says “college is the only way to be successful” , but Hmmmmm , what does this mean exactly ? If you don’t go to college or if you don’t receive a college degree than you wouldn’t become successful. We were taught after high school, you need to go to college , you need to get an college degree in order to get a real job – HA “real job” that’s another discussion for another time and all that amazing life lesson that we were taught in school because if you don’t go to college , you’re consider as a loser or if you even decide to drop out of college – you’re consider as a failure to life or anything terrible that anyone could say to you if you don’t go into the direction of striving for a degree.
Here’s the thing, I don’t believe that college is the only way to success, I believe the only way to success is acceptance and patience. Acceptance of failures because without failures , how will you learn from your mistakes or how would you succeed at anything in life because in order to be successful you need to fail. Failures isn’t easy to accept, but failure helps us to change our mindset , change our ways and motivate us to do better. So , no I don’t believe college is the only way to success because you can still fail even if you have an degree.
Now, I’m no way saying that college is a waste of time or money because if you want to be nurse or a doctor or a engineer or want to work for a big company or becoming a teacher than yes by all means college is the way to go , to learn , to explore and to experience. I believe with school you can truly find yourself of who you are as a person and more of what you love and admire in life, plus your beliefs. For some college isn’t in their path and for others college is in their path, but that doesn’t mean college is the only way to success. I believe everyone has a different path , different lifestyle, different failures, different success story, different motivation because what motivate me could be different of what motivate you. Best thing to understand in life , to be successful it’s not about college or what you’ve learned in college or what you’re learning in college.  To be successful it’s a journey, it’s a process and a roller coaster, but to be successful you need to go through failures or downfalls because in the end there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Which is success or accomplishments …… So , tell me do you believe college is the only way to success? And for someone who has drop out of college, what would that mean to them ?.