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Every year there is:

  • New Years , 
  • Valentine’s Day, 
  • spring day(idk if that’s a holiday but, I guess it is) 
  • Easter 
  • Summer day 
  • Labor Day 
  • Halloween 
  • Thanksgiving 
  • And Christmas…. if I’ve missed a holiday (comment below)

Tell me what’s your favorite holiday? To be honest I could careless about holidays – I know shocking to hear but, it’s true as you get older holidays aren’t the same like when you were a little kid. On the bright side, as long as you’re spending time with your family then that is what matters the most.


So, I thought to myself- if I had the chance to come up with my own holiday, what would it be? Hmmmm, if you know me very well then you know my answer would be Chocolate day! Oh I love chocolate, I can have a terrible day and chocolate will make it all better. I know what you’re thinking “chocolate isn’t good” and blah blah, however I believe once you have a delicious chocolate- trust me there is no turning back. You can never go wrong with chocolate.

So, what are we supposed to do on Chocolate day? Well, here are the rules for Chocolate day:

  • First, Free chocolate everywhere(No store is allowed to sell you any chocolate – you can go in and take as many as you want). And before you say that’s bad for business, but it’s only for one day.
  • Second, Chocolate is delicious by itself but, chocolate covered strawberries- OHH MY GOSH!! It’s like you’re in heaven or in a nice Paradise island with a piña colada – yasssss! Lol
  • And finally, Netflix all day with all your favorite snacks, binge watching all your favorite shows and of course eating chocolate ice cream or chocolate with whatever you like on your day off from work.

So, if I were to make up my own holiday I will call it Chocolate day …… If you can come up with your own holiday, what would it be? Comment below your holiday and rules for your holiday and if you love chocolate like me then what is the best part about chocolate.