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My name is Charmonique Rogers. My dreams are to have my own counseling practice, become a motivational speaker and open a center of arts for girls as a non- traditional way of counseling. My goals for 2019 are, to get my credit score higher, become financially stable and keep my gpa above a 3.5 at all times (Grad school is hard but, I’m getting it done …PERIOD!!

What does Self-love mean to you?

Self-love means no matter what I look like, no matter what I’m doing or going through, I take the time to take care of me…. doesn’t mean being selfish, means in order for me to help others I have to be in order!

What was the hardest part of loving yourself?

The hardest part about loving myself was accepting my flaws. I am now just being comfortable with taking full body pics and it means so much to me. I was so insecure because I was worried about what others would think of me and it kept me from wearing what I wanted, doing what I wanted & etc.

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t love yourself? If so, why? If not, have you ever felt fear to love yourself?

My senior year of high school into my sophomore year of college. I just felt so broken. I was suffering from severe depression. My grades were beyond horrible. I didn’t know how to take care of my mental and in turn everything suffered .

What do you value about yourself?

I value my ambition and perseverance. I’ve been through so much and finally got to a point where I refused to let it slow me down or end me. Without learning to love and take care of myself I wouldn’t be where I am now.

What do you do to make yourself feel better from self-doubts, self-sabotage, fears, comparison & etc.?

I have to realize that not everyone is perfect, and I was comparing myself to people who weren’t “better” than me if that makes sense. How can I compare to other people when I don’t know what’s going on in their lives? I was comparing myself to what they let the world see.

Do you believe you can love yourself differently from loving others? Why or why not? 

I think I absolutely can and do. Sometimes putting others before me makes me happy. The more I love myself and am in love with myself the better I can spread the love I have grown.

How do you show yourself love?

 I show myself love by practicing self-care heavily. No matter what I take the time to love on myself even when no one else can or will.  Whether that be writing, getting my nails done or getting away from things …I give myself a space to clear my mind and get my head together 

What do you believe about loving yourself?

I believe learning to love yourself is a hard and tedious task. There can and will be set backs. It’s doable you just have to keep pushing yourself to learn to love you.

What do you think of yourself?

 I think I am a complex human being. There is so much I want to do in life, and I want to get it done. I am a great student… friend …sister …daughter and auntie. I am loving, I am caring, I am mildly funny individual.

Why do you love YOURSELF?

I love my smile, my love for my family and my career choice. I just want to help people who have been through what I’ve been through gotten through it. So, why not help people who need the assistance to learn to love themselves?

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