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Hello everyone, my name is Chakana Samuel, but I go by Kay, born and raised in Summerville, South Carolina. I’m a grocery receiver. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication and I’m currently in graduate school getting my MBA in Marketing. My dream goal is to be a marketing executive for an NBA or a WNBA team. I’m a 26-year-old woman who’s just found finding the confidence within herself to love not only her body and spirit as well.

What does Self-love means to you?

Self-love to me means someone who loves everything about themselves, the good and the bad. What people see a flaw in, they see perfection in.

What was the hardest part of loving yourself? 

The hardest part about loving myself was my body, I was very insecure about my body for years to where I wouldn’t wear certain things because I was afraid of other people judgments of me.

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t love yourself. If so, why? If not, have you ever felt fear to love yourself?

Yes, I always thought no one would love me because of how I look or how my self-esteem would come through me.

What do you value about yourself? 

  I value my spirit, my eyes, smile and my body. 

What do you do to make yourself feel better from self-doubts, self-sabotage, fears, comparison & etc. ?

   I don’t listen to other people’s opinions of me, I say affirmations every day and I think positive. 

Do you believe you can love yourself differently from loving others? Why or why not? 

No, because I think you must love yourself whole heartily before you can even think about loving someone else.

How do you show yourself love?

I show love by just looking in the mirror sometimes completely naked and just tell myself that I’m gorgeous. I get my nails and toes done, I go shopping, get my haircut or just do a home spa day. 

What do you believe about loving yourself?

I believe that I’m a learning to love myself a lot more than what I did beforehand.

What do you think of yourself? 

I think I’m a beautiful woman who went through hell and back and chose to stop listening to other judgments of me and know that I have to love more and be confident.

Why do you love YOURSELF?

I love myself because I’m a bad ass woman who plans to achieve everything and anything that comes my way! 

You can connect with Chakana @:

Twitter: Chakana_Reenea

IG: Chakana_Reenea

SnapChat: chakanareenea

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