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Coming together, Working together, Sharing together, 

And succeeding together

There is nothing wrong with supporting others or supporting each other. Funny thing is I’ve seen strangers giving support more than family giving support and honestly, that is part of reality. There was a post I saw on Instagram about how people would support celebrities in a heartbeat, but when it comes down to small businesses or bloggers or anything else that someone is working on, no one seem to want to support at all. Personally , I love supporting others , I love cheering for others and I believe everyone has a purpose in life. I don’t want to speak for those who don’t support entrepreneurs or bloggers & etc. but I think the reason why most people don’t support entrepreneurs or bloggers & etc. because it’s always a competition or it doesn’t seem popular or trending. Once something becomes popular or trending that is when everyone will jump into the bandwagon. I should say some because not everyone thinks that way but, the way I see it – if it’s trending then you’ll have tons of support and love. My advice to anyone that is starting to be an entrepreneur or a blogger , don’t worried about others nor how many people support you because if you focus on how many support you’ll get than your contents on your project then you’ve already failed because you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Be consistent with yourself through your dreams/vision. I believe there shouldn’t be any type of competition with anyone, you should pretty much live your life and continue to stay blessed. There should be a competition only in a basketball court or any kind of sports or pageants or a debate on stage. When it comes down to supporting one another , there shouldn’t be a competition. If it’s a competition then what is the prize from it or what do you win? I know what you’re thinking “what about those who are jealous or feel some type of way” well, that’s simple- who cares, those who are jealous of you has nothing to do with you , those who are jealous of you has something to do with them. Focus on you and only you and everything else will follow, it is just like leave in the hands of God and everything else will fall into place. Those who will support you will support and those who are against you – the best response is silence and stay focus on your path.