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HAPPY MONDAY and last day of July 🙂 !!!!!


THANK YOU JESUSSSS*starts singing*


Can I be completely honest? I am READY to say goodbye to the month of July and move on to August. Who’s with me ?! This month has been kicking my butt from left to right but, thank God for giving me all the strength that I needed for these past few weeks.


It was like one thing after another but, hey that’s life – right? You think everything is going to be just fine and perfect but, nothing is really perfect and nothing is meant to be perfect.


I’m truly glad I took a break from blogging, last time I blogged was July 3rd. I felt emotional on that day because I wrote a letter to my grandmother(A Letter To My Angel) who passed away four years ago, it felt like the pain and hurt were still there.


Before I went into my break mode of taking a break from blogging and other things. Reality really kicked in.


I know what you’re thinking, “ummm stacey. What does that has to do with if humans can become robots.” Lol, I’m getting into that , be patient with me because I know that’s a crazy title to begin with but, let’s be honest don’t you wish to become a robot – no? …… Yes? I know I do!(don’t judge me).


Have you ever felt like you think you knew everything about life, you had everything planned for your future or you believed that you could do everything all at once? Yes,*raising my hand, pointing at myself*. A month ago, my consistency was over the roof. I tweeted, “in order to be successful you need to stay consistent and it’s not going to work if you’re not consistent with your work or anything that you’re passionate about.”


However, what about your health? You see I didn’t realized how consistent I was till one day at work I almost passed out but, thank God I didn’t. That is how exhausted I was from late night working on my projects that I’ve planned plus ideas for those that’s going to subscribe to my site(subscription coming soon – I promise) plus I felt like I didn’t want to let anyone down.


Everyone kept telling me how proud they are of me, I was overwhelmed with all the love and support I was getting cause trust me I have a lot of people who are doubting me and that’s normal. So, when I’m getting so much love + support, it motivates me more to keep going because it’s like “yeahhhh I need to continue to make my supporters proud.” But, once my body wasn’t keeping up with my consistency, it was like God was trying to tell me “umm what are you doing? Slow it down.”


I came home from work and stayed up till 5am or 6am in the morning – yes, I was part of the #teamnosleep and whoever came up with that hashtag is crazy. Of course,  I’ve got a lot of my assignments done but, my body wasn’t having it. So, whoever came up with #teamnosleep good luck with that because I thought I could hang but, I couldn’t – I’m no robot.


I’m not saying that humans can become robots, however sometimes we think we can do everything and create everything all at once like we’re robots. We’re humans – it’s okay to cry and be frustrated……  it’s okay to fail and start over again……… it’s okay to be proud of yourself and take breaks…….. it’s okay to work in your own pace and be unapologetic.


I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so I worked super hard till my eyes fall off lol. Okay, maybe my eyes didn’t actually fall off but, I worked hard on everything all at once like I was rushing to get to success by tomorrow and that’s the problem plus it’s hilarious because success doesn’t happen by tomorrow. It takes time & hard work plus acceptance of failures. I shouldn’t rush to get to success because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. The truth is success happens in the right time because timing is everything.


“Some may succeed tomorrow, some may succeed next week and others may succeed in five years. Everyone has a different success story”
 Honestly, it doesn’t matter who I disappoint or not . What matters is what makes me happy and I’m fulfilling my purpose, my vision that God has for me.  What matters to me is my health and working towards taking care of myself because I love myself enough to put myself first.


Patience is key to life , consistency is key to success but, your health is important. So, if you need a time to breath, a time to take a break from social media or anything else in your life then GO AHEAD! Trust me when I say it’s worth it – IT IS WORTH IT. Who cares if no one won’t support you anymore because you’ve taken a break – so what?!? That shows proof of who supports you and who doesn’t support you. I’m blessed + thankful, I have the most amazing supporters who understands that sometimes you just need to take a break and shut everything off.


“We like to take shortcuts to our dreams instead of allowing the journey to mold us into who our dream needs us to be.” – @changedXpurpose 


I’m excited to be back and thank you to all who’s been so supportive + showing so much love, I appreciate you so much. what I’ve learned is to work on one idea at a time plus time management is very important. More importantly self care + self love is number one. Great things is coming soon for Beautiful & Bold. #waitonit 


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Have you ever overworked yourself that it affected your health?? What did you do to stop yourself from overworking???