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1. Skydiving.
        I know what you’re thinking . Do I really want to jump off a plane from high above the sky? Would I be weird if I say yes ? Well, yes I would love to go skydiving, and does it help that I’m scared of heights – no, but I would love to have that experience before I turn 30 or on my 30th birthday. Hey , maybe this year .
2. Traveling
      Traveling around the world , seeing different  places , learning different cultures and languages – why not?. First place I would go is Paris or Spain , but if I really had to decide I would go to Spain first because of all the beautiful arts , I can only imagine how it look in person.
3. Hiking.
   I am no way shape or form a athlete or someone who would be up for the challenge of hiking, however it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Walking , jogging but no running because I’ll probably pass out and site seeing. I believe the only reason why I want to go hiking is because of site seeing.
4. Skiing
  Okay, I have to think outside of the box. I would want to travel to Iceland and ski , why not?. Going up the hill of ice and sliding down to the bottom but of course I would have to learn how to ski because mama is definitely not a professional skier.
5. Chocolate factory.
   One fact about me is I love chocolate, chocolate is bae, chocolate is everything to me. Chocolate is my treat that I can’t say goodbye too. When I’m having a horrible day , chocolate makes it all better. So, visiting a chocolate factory is one of the things I would love to do .
6. Become an Author
  Writing is something I can run too through the good times & bad times and creating stories is what I love to do.
7. Las Vegas & gable
      You only live once , so why not ?. Okay just kidding , no way promoting gambling but sounds fun to go to Las Vegas .
Write down , 7 things you would love to do in your life or before you turn 30 or 25 …….