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Dear Imperfection,

    For years I’ve carried you on my back. I’ve carried you in my heart, in my relationships and Friendships. Between you and fear of not being good enough, I’ve allowed you to hold me back and drain me. Comparing myself to others and seeking validation from people who never had my happiness at their best interest. This year has been a roller coaster ride mixed with crashing an airplane. You’ve searched for the picture perfect “soul mate” to create the “picture perfect “family. When YOU ARE YOUR OWN SOUL MATE and YOU ARE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS.

 Spread your wings, take that trip, laugh, cry, pray, DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND WHAT YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT but, NEVER LET THE DEVIL WIN.

 I know you’ve been through a lot and NEVER thought you’d see this day. God has brought you through everything for this exact reason. In this exact moment, you’ve elevated into a QUEEN with the pressures you’ve overcome in dark times … Now, you are shining bright like the diamond you are! You are a blessing! A Mother, Friend, Daughter, Sister enjoy those who love you and LOVE those who don’t. Remember this and carry it with you… If someone wants to walk away – LET THEM! If they were for you, they would never put themselves in a position to lose you in the first place. When God Sees that you appreciate your NOW, he starts to release your NEXT. *Drop mic*

 I Love You,


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