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I am beautiful on the inside,
And out.
My soul is beautiful,
The way I walk and talk is
The way I stand is
The way I inspire and support is
The way I comfort is beautiful.
Who I am is beautiful,
I am fearless, so I’m bold.
I don’t hide from my dreams,
I run towards my dreams,
I’m bold cause I am confident in myself,
I’m bold cause I am brave,
I am Beautiful&Bold cause I am creative with life, confident in my life and I have fun by enjoying life with smile , love & laughter.
Tell yourself that you are Beautiful&Bold cause you are ! Don’t let no one tell you otherwise. The more you tell yourself how amazing you are than you’re bold enough to achieve anything in this world. If you fail , that’s okay because when you fail , you can try again till you succeed. So, what makes you beautiful & bold ??