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Dear Beautiful,

Be unapologetic about being yourself. 

Be unapologetic about your mistakes. 

Be unapologetic about your failures. 

Be unapologetic about your success.

Be unapologetic about your greatness.

Be unapologetic about your truth. 

Be unapologetic about your happiness. You deserve to be happy with a beautiful smile on your face. What makes you so amazing is how strong you are and how amazingly incredible you are. 

You are enough. Sometimes, you feel like you have to apologize for your peace, happiness and story, but no. Don’t apologize for growing and learning. Don’t apologize for protecting your peace. 

It is up to you to make your move and start moving in the direction of your purpose. Don’t talk negatively about yourself. 

DO NOT apologize for your growth,for your truth,

for your failures,and for your downfalls. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect, but you’re a beautiful imperfect person. Don’t let anything push you back from your greatness. 

Amazing beautiful things could happen for you, but it’s up to you to believe you can make it happen. 

Be unapologetic about acceptance and moving forward. Give yourself a chance to try again. Don’t let your fears get the best of you because you are gifted. Be unapologetic about your gift. 

Take your time because there’s no rush. You can and you will succeed. You can and you will make it happen. Give yourself kindness and love. Don’t forget about who you are. Don’t forget about who you’re becoming. 

You are unapologetic, you are enough,

you are worthy and you are beautiful.

Don’t overthink it. I believe your time is coming soon. 

Being unapologetic. 

Meaning be you, do you and live your life. You can’t please everyone. If someone is disappointed in you for doing what you believe is right for you then it’s more on them then it is on you.

Be unashamed to believe in yourself, even though others don’t believe in you. Don’t be ashamed to believe in yourself. Don’t apologize about your dreams and goals. Don’t apologize for choosing yourself. Be unapologetic about God’s plan .