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B E C O M I N G 

Do you know who you want to be? 

Have you ever visualize yourself on who you’re going to be?

Better yet, Who do you want to become? 

There’s been a time where I used to question myself on who I am and who I want to be. Honestly, I never had the right answer to know who I was and want. My journey of becoming greater than my past and greater than yesterday has truly been a process of learning and growing because you really can’t become who you want to become in a day. It takes time and patience with a whole lot of beautiful growth. 

I used to “hate” myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not a nice thing to say about myself, but it’s the truth. I didn’t like the way I looked, the way I talked, the way I tried to “fit in” to have everyone to like me, I mostly like being alone because trusting others always failed me. Most people “believed” they knew who I was, but how? When I didn’t even knew who I was. At the time, I mostly pretend to know who I was because it made sense to pretend then to be vulnerable to someone who mostly would laugh at you or pretend to care, but not really. As time goes by and I’m in my late twenties I have a different mindset as to who I’m becoming. I’ve learned I’m not meant to become someone who “needs” to be loved by everyone. Which is why I am becoming a woman who doesn’t need approval from everyone, but an approval from God. 

Reality is you’re not meant to pleased everybody. Everyone has an opinion about every single thing you do in life but, doesn’t mean you’re suppose to become who “they” assume you are. You are who you believe you are and even if you’re not there yet, at least you know who you’re becoming. 

It took some time for myself to love, cherish, embrace, care, kindness and see the beauty in me to understand who I’m becoming as a woman. 

I Am Becoming….

 I’m becoming a woman who’s blossom into love step by step. It’s been a process coming from “hate” to love but, it’s been a process of growth and patience. 

I Am Becoming….

I’m becoming someone who I’ve never dream of becoming. I mean I can finally say I’m doing what I love and I have an understanding of my purpose. I used to have a moment of living in box or living to whatever pleases others because it made sense to make people happy by doing what they want you to do – right? NO, WRONG. I can’t please everyone and I’m not suppose to. 

I have my days where I make excuses but, still learning to stop using excuses for fulfilling greatness and accepting love from myself + others. I know it’s one of those moments where you’ve always been told “NO, don’t do it this way” or you’ve always been told something negative about yourself but, when you know who you are as an individual then no one in the world can tell you anything about yourself and I mean NO ONE!!

I Am Becoming…

I’m becoming stronger, allowing my faith to take charge into my life. Let’s be real, my faith hasn’t been perfect and my faith has definitely been tested. Dealing with depression & anxiety doesn’t help me to stay strong but, what keeps me stronger is writing and prayer. Writing saves me from becoming someone I’m not but, a working progress. 

I Am Becoming….

I’m becoming more loving & caring. We all know the saying “You need to love yourself before you can love anyone else” . Although, I may or may not agree with this saying but, I will say when you love yourself more, your standards become higher with yourself and others. My self-love has been a tornado because I didn’t know how to love myself or even find the confidence to love myself.

Truthfully, I didn’t think there was anything special about me. My grandmother always told me how special I was but, I didn’t thought there was anything special about me. However, I knew how to be kind to others and shine love on others but, it was sad I didn’t gave myself the same kind of love I would given to others, but my love to myself is different kind of love then it is to others.

I like to remind everyone that everyone’s self-love and how you’ll love onto someone is different and that’s okay. Fast forward to today, I love me. I’m not ashamed of my past but I’m not apologizing for it neither. I’m becoming unapologetic.

I Am Becoming….

I’m becoming a woman who’s passionate about her vision, her purpose in life & becoming a better person. I’m becoming a woman of a Believer, Investor & supporter of herself plus a supporter towards others.

I believe I can get through anything with Christ by my side. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to.

I believe I will get to the point I’ve always seen myself getting to, which is living for what I’m passionate about and living my best life the way I tend to.

I invest my time in myself because that’s the main key in my journey is to invest my time & energy into myself, my path of life. I am becoming a supporter because I am my biggest cheerleader. I am becoming a woman who wants more for herself and that’s by blocking the noises and keep moving forward with my life with love, joy, happiness, blessings & peace.

I Am Becoming…. My truth and sorry not sorry..

Becoming someone who’s figuring life out day by day because we never know what tomorrow will bring, but I know the choice I’ll make today will have an impact for tomorrow. 

Side Note: learn to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll know how to take care of yourself. Once you go through self-love & self-care then you’ll learn to believe in yourself and not wait for anyone to believe in you. STOP OVERTHINKING and Get to work…

Question: Who are you becoming to be?

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