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If you haven’t done anything that you’re passionate about, what are you waiting for? Do you understand tomorrow isn’t promised? Yes? No? Hmmm…

Is fear holding you back from starting that business that you vision to have? Or Starting a….

  • YouTube channel.
  • Making your own funny videos.
  • Creating your own journal, Clothing line.
  • Blog.
  • Book.
  • Projects for sisterhood or Selflove, empowerment & etc.??
  • Going back to school.
  • Finishing school.
  • Searching for your dream job & etc…


Raise your hand, if you’re someone that likes to blame someone for something that YOU could have got done for yourself. It’s okay, this is a non-judgement zone and whoever is judging you let me talk to them right quick(lol).

*raises my hand* yes, I’ve been using the blaming game of:


“Oh, I can’t do this because it doesn’t seem right to my family.”


“Oh,i cant because it wouldn’t make them proud of me.”


“I can’t because what if no one doesn’t like what I do?”


A very good friend of mine told me, “Stacey, you’re the one that’s holding yourself back. Not your family”. Which is true, I shouldn’t hold myself back because of the opinions of others nor should you. I’m sure someone has laughed at you about how crazy it may seem to do what you wanted to do, told you that you couldn’t do something because it seems impossible and has talk down on you because it may seem “Crazy talk” . Can I tell you a little secret?  They’re not the reason for your failures and they’re not the reason for not pushing you towards what you’re passionate about. Push YOURSELF!

Are you blaming others for not fulfilling your dreams? To answer this question is to look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself what’s stopping you from working towards the vision that only you can work on. So, the answer is YOU. Lets turn this around and say I WILL. I CAN AND END OF STORY.

No Limits – the only limits to life is the ones you make.” 


Whoever said there’s a limit to life, hasn’t live life yet because There’s no limit to anything in life. If you have a dream, there’s no limit to it, there’s no age limit to a dream. The more excuses you make, the more time has been wasted on excuses. There’s no excuse to why you can’t do something that you believe in.


“Love helps create positivity” 

What makes you love what you do in life? Think about it, if you’re smiling and can’t stop thinking about it then there’s your reason to keep going. You don’t know how many times I wanted to give up on my journey but, I couldn’t (my spirit wouldn’t let me give up). There’s no limit to happiness because whatever makes you happy is the reason why you should start in the first place or to continue. When you build positivity in your life, the results always come out fantastic. Think about it – if you’re sitting there questioning what if’s then you’re starting to overthink (Rule number 1: never overthink it). *WARNING* overthinking is a buzzkill!!! Once you love what you do, everything else will fall into place because when you love what you do, nothing nor no one can stop you from what you’re passionate about.

“It’s not who you think you are that holds you back it’s who you think you’re not. “

Who are you? And that’s a question that most people ask themselves to remind themselves who they are. It’s not that fear hold us back from anything in life, it’s the opinion of others on us hold us back. The truth is you are who you are and no one can change who you are. Believe in more of who you are because once you know who you are, any negative thoughts wouldn’t matter.


“Today strive to make a better you.” 

Focus on today, not yesterday nor tomorrow. Focus on yourself and be your unique self because your journey belongs to you for a reason. You can become someone greater than yesterday.

“Breath – it’s just a bad day, not a bad life” 

What is perfect? Nothing – right? Nothing is perfect in life. You’re human!! it’s okay to fail and it’s okay to start over. It’s okay to cry, scream & shout and you may fail but, doesn’t mean you’re a failure to life because you’re not. You will succeed in the right time and the right moment. The more you speak into existence, the more greatness will happen.


Life is a roller coaster but, life is beautiful by how you create it to be. Bob Marley said it best “Don’t worry be happy!“. Believe in yourself, support yourself, take the first step and don’t look back. Everyone has a different success story. Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. There’s no comparison and stop blaming others for your failures and not chasing your dreams. Be your unique self, wear yourself some nice shades, grab yourself some wine and enjoy the ride of your success cause it will happen.

Never let fear determine your destiny to life nor never let fear determine your purpose in life because you do have a purpose to fulfilled. If you were to go ahead and do what makes you happy, why not start today, what do you got to lose? I understand life can be hard but, at the same time Life can be beautiful by how you create it to be and adding faith into the mix.

Let’s talk. Why do you feel like people are starting to blame others more than looking at themselves for not working towards their passion? And Have you ever blame someone for holding you back from your dreams?

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