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Dear Blossoming Entrepreneur,

This year hasn’t been easy. There’s been a lot of ups, lot of downs, and a lot of obstacles. 2019 has thrown you against the wall and molded you into a better person – a better woman. 

At the start of the year, you dealt with the physical stresses of graduating college, but you did it – Cum Laude. Once that passed, you went through countless job interviews and phone calls, only to end up unemployed making art in your bedroom. You were ridiculed by those that loved you most because you were trying to figure out what you wanted for your life but all they could see is their vision for you. You had to constantly remind yourself that you do not have to embody the idea of you that they made up their head. You learned in the hardest of ways that only your vision and your inner voice should matter to you. You don’t have to live to please anyone else. 

Through all of this, you found your purpose. You started your own vegan cosmetic business, Neutra Gloss. You created a mission to showcase true beauty through affordable products, allowing everyone to enjoy amazing products that won’t harm them long-term. You finally put your all into something without backing out of it. You researched, and researched, and researched all of those ingredients to make sure they would do good and not harm to the body. You made it important to create a cosmetic line that promotes health and longevity, without your customers sacrificing a ton of money to achieve it. I’m proud of you. 

This year, you learned that it’s okay to be imperfect. You’ve learned that when you try to reach for perfection you realize that it is a moving target. In the midst of the starting your business, you finally got a call back. That call was an amazing job offer that you couldn’t pass up. You kept faith and kept holding on to God’s promise that He would never leave you. And He didn’t, He never would have. He has blessed you with so many amazing things in just the short span of a few months. Through your whirlwind of emotions and depressive thoughts you found joy. I am so so proud of you for that. I am proud of you for staying strong, sticking true to who you are, and not letting harsh criticism shake you. I am proud of you for pushing through the pain and not succumbing to those deep, dark thoughts of suicide. I am proud of you for learning that you matter and learning to love yourself again. 

It’s weird to say that through your business your found my purpose, but you love helping people. It is amazing to know that through your passion you can help others and also help yourself. To build love, confidence, and awareness all through a vegan cosmetic brand. Wow. 2019 was a year of learning, but 2020 will be your year of growth and success. You have amazing team of friends and family behind you rooting for your success.

Please remember and always remind yourself that success doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time to receive consistency in your business growth, but you have done such a great job so far. Keep wishing, keep dreaming, and keep blossoming my dearest entrepreneur. I’m so happy you are still here and still growing into what God has planned for you. 

If you are interested in checking out my brand and shopping handmade, vegan products please go to Neutra Gloss. Our Instagram is @neutragloss. Thank you for supporting a small business, and supporting a dream.