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Meet the Writer

My name is Stacey aka the owner of Beautifulndbold. I’m a writer, author and creator. Writing came into my life at the age of 6 years old when my second grade teacher gave me my first journal and my grandmother, who told me to start writing. Writing is therapeutic because I’m able to express myself through writing that I can’t say in words. I love how writing makes me think, create and express myself with emotions. Writing is part of who I am. The idea to create and spread love through writing brings joy into my life. If you asked me, do I have a bunch of journals? Then the answer is yes I have lots of journals filled with so many stories I need to tell. Three things to know about me is I love to write, I love chocolate and I love to be goofy.

Join me on my journey of writing with peace, love and laughter


Beautiful and Bold (Beautifulndbold) started on Feb.2017. Beautiful and bold is who I am by being myself and doing what’s best for me. Beautiful and Bold is who you are and doing what you love. Beautiful and Bold is within us because we can’t let our fears get the best of us.


What is Beautifulndbold?

Beautiful and Bold is a safe place with peace, love and joy through creativity, positivity and fun. A place of reminders of self-love, self-care,and self-worth. Dear beautiful letters that are made for you and me. I’m your daily reminder to keep going, keep pushing and do what’s best for you.


Someone told me “The opinion of others shouldn’t matter, the opinion of yourself should matter the most”.

The name Beautiful and Bold is speaking about life, self-worth, self-love and self-care. Beautiful and Bold is a journey of imperfection because my story is beautiful and my growth is bold. Your story is beautiful and your growth is bold. Why Beautiful and Bold? To remind ourselves who we are, to spread love through writing, to be reminded you are loved and you are enough.

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