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“Stacey, what the HECK happened”

“Did you quit blogging”

“Did you decided to not do this anymore?”

“I see you’re promoting others amazing posts & projects but, where’s yours ?”

“Aren’t you a blogger?”


LIFE is what happened, HELL NO I’m not quitting blogging !!! No matter how many times I wanted to throw in the towel,giving up will never become an option. There’s nothing wrong with supporting others hard work but, I do agree that I need to promote myself more as much as I promote others. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first and cheering for yourself. Also, to answer the final question – YES, I’M A BLOGGER !! I’m A:

• Blogger

• Content creator

• Writer

• Storyteller

Feels good saying that out loud with a smile on my face but, can I completely be honest with you?? It hasn’t been easy being a blogger and it’s a lot of hard work. *Wait? A lot of hard work?? All you’re doing is writing, and posting, that sounds easy ??(lol, yeahhhhhh okay – if you say so but, I’ll save the whole blogging is a REAL job post later on.)

HEY! I can’t tell you everything I got planned for Beautiful & Bold. You just got to wait and see.

My journey as a blogger has its ups and downs but, at the same time it’s been truly a blessing to take the first step to say:

• No more trying to please others.

• No more living for others dreams.

• No more depending on others negative opinions.

• And NO more putting myself in the backseat, when I should be in the front seat because the path that God has for me is for myself.

A Year Ago…..

A year ago, I decided to do what?? A year ago, I decided to go for it !! With that being said my baby Beautiful & Bold turns 1 !!!! Ahhhhhh, like OMG. Not knowing what I want from it, not knowing what’s going to happened, not knowing how this experience will make me feel mentally, physically & spiritually. I WENT FOR IT!!!

All I knew I wanted to write because writing has truly became therapeutic for myself. Writing taken me to a place unexplainable. Now, Let me be honest with you – these past few months, it’s been hard to fall in love with writing again and for a second, I thought I’ve lost my passion for writing but, I didn’t. I realize I’ve continue to allow distractions affect me but, truthfully you can’t let anything or anyone stop you from doing what you love to do.

“The opinions of others shouldn’t matter, the opinions of yourself should matter the most” something that will stick with me till the end of time because it’s the truth. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter, what you think of yourself should matter the most.


What has Beautiful & Bold taught me:



Have you ever came up with an idea and you thought to yourself “damn, this idea is amazing. I’m loving it!!”. You’re all excited for this idea and you’re all hyped up for the outcome cause you can visualize what this idea means to you but, BOOM. The idea begin to fail and you become discourage. The feeling of failure isn’t the best feeling in the world. Listen, I’ve been there when I felt excited to become a blogger, have my own site, be able to write, plan things + create & etc. but, Always expect the unexpected because things will happen that you have no control over. Best thing to do is embrace it , learn from it and try again.



AN IDEA WILL FAIL, No matter how exciting it may sound. Not every idea you’ll create will succeed.




ONLY YOU CAN BECOME YOUR BIGGEST CHEERLEADER/SUPPORTER. Depending on others for support is a NO, no, no…. support will come sooner before you know it but, it starts with you.

EMBRACE every moment of your life (Bad & Good).

Learn to build your confidence by making the first move in self love, self care & Healing.

People will laugh at you, tease you & etc.. but, don’t let that stop you from achieving what you believe that’s for you. only you have the power to make the change and change is always good.

No excuses. The more excuses you make, the more it becomes harder for you to succeed.

Step out of your comfort zone.

No one will believe in your contents or projects. If you don’t believe in it for yourself.

Focus more on yourself and not “what if” or “how come Becky doing this or that” . Focus on yourself and it doesn’t make you a selfish person.


  • Last but, not least – KICK FEAR IN IT’S FACE AND JUST GO FOR IT !!

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Three words that describes Beautiful & Bold:

• Creative

• Confidence

• Fun

Creative because we’re different. There’s no one like you, there’s no one who can be YOU(no matter how many times someone tries, there’s no one like you). Life can be hard but, life is beautiful. Your path belongs to you. Your life is beautiful, your journey is beautiful, your spirit is beautiful, your perspective is beautiful, your beliefs is beautiful and you’re beautiful.

Confidence because we’re bold. We don’t listen to those that tells us we can’t do it – NO!. We don’t listen to those who feels like what they say matters more than what you know deep down inside about yourself – NO!. You’re bold because you’re living your life the way you should live your life and that’s by doing what you believe is right for you and not for others.

Fun – we’re human. We will cry, yell, become angry, frustrated, discourage and we will laugh + smile but, one thing for sure is when you love what you’re doing in life, you get to enjoy life even more. When you’re at peace with yourself, you get to feel like those tears, heartbreak wouldn’t stop you from anything in life. Tomorrow isn’t promised, but everything starts with YOU.

In the beginning, I didn’t know what’s the purpose of Beautiful & Bold but, fast forward to today – Beautiful & Bold is to support, acceptance of everyone’s perspectives, spreading love & creating stories.

Happy blogversary Beautiful & Bold! Despite of the ups and downs, You’re something that I’m deeply proud of and here’s to many more years to come and there’s no more excuses – TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK.

To learn about my 12 month challenge of self love, self care, reflect, release & etc >>> #Beautiandboldletters

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