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Dear Beautiful, 

 I applaud you for not giving up, 

I applaud you for keeping your dreams alive, 

I applaud you for being strong,

I applaud you for being imperfect,

I applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

I applaud you for striving and believing in yourself. 

I applaud you for embracing your failures,

I applaud you for growing and moving forward,

I applaud you for standing up for yourself and saying, “enough is enough, no more excuses”,

I applaud you for not making any more excuses,

I applaud you for setting boundaries for yourself. 

I applaud you for loving yourself the way you do. 

I applaud you for knowing your worth,

I applaud you for putting yourself first,

I applaud for staying consistent in what you’re doing. 

I applaud you for not letting anyone tell you otherwise on what you should do with your life.

  This year it seems like you’ve been fighting with 2018. You’ve cried, you’ve been angry, you’ve been frustrated, repeatedly challenges kept knocking at your door waiting to battle you on but,

       do you want to know a little secret?  

    You made it. You might not believe you did but, baby you made it. You made it through those challenges, you made it through those tears, you made it through those angers and you decided to take charge of your life. The vision that God has placed in your hands, you decided to follow those steps. 

Don’t beat yourself up. What’s the point? There’s no point at all. You are meant to be here. So, fulfilled your purpose in life. You are meant to live your life and achieve your goals in life. You are meant to dream, to have a vision and bring your vision into life. Many will laugh at your vision and dreams but, don’t let those who are laughing pull you down and stop you from dreaming. You can dream about anything that you want to dream about but, don’t dream forever because you will turn your dream into reality. Whatever God has placed in your hands is what you are meant to do in life, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Should it matter if you have a dream you’ve love by the end of this year. No?! There’s no time limit on life, there’s no time limit on when you should succeed and there’s no time limit in having a dream…. Just continue believing in yourself because no one can believe in you like you can. There’s only one you. No one else can be you nor no one else can become as great as you.

As you’re walking into 2019, let go of ANYTHING that’s draining you down because you deserve to start the new year with a brand-new mindset. There’s nothing wrong with change, so what!! If people has told you that you’ve changed. Tell them “and you haven’t”, whatever you have your mind set on. Do it! Whatever you feel like doing, DO IT! There’re no more excuses…. Consistency and execute!!

Happy New Year!!! Here’s to 2019   

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