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Dear Grandma,

Let’s have lunch one last time. I would trade anything in this world just to have your amazing cooking – We wouldn’t go out to eat because I know you’re not a fan of American food. You would rather cook some great amazing Haitian food. We would talk forever till it was time for bed or laugh till it’s sunset. If I could give up anything in this world to see your beautiful smile again. If I could, I’ll do whatever it takes to see it one last time. You were one of the strongest and toughest woman I know in my life but, you were the sweetest person I know.

You were someone who loved to make people laugh and smile. Being around you, I’ve always leaved the room with a smile on my face. You were someone who didn’t care about anything else but, being happy and respected others. You taught me to always respect others and to live life freely with no regrets.

Your storytelling helps me to understand more about life. You loved to entertain people, you were someone I wanted to be like. You were my #1 supporter and the one who gets my weird side lol.

Time is running fast, But as time is running fast I could never forget your beautiful smile. I could never forget how peaceful and calm you were to others. Also, how forgiving you were to others + always there for everyone but, you’ve taught me it’s okay to be there for everyone but, don’t ever put yourself in the backseat. Ohh , how I miss you and four years without you is killing me inside. I would take anything just to see you smile again, to see you laugh again , to have girl chats about whatever and everything. Grandma, not only you were my grandmother but, you were my best friend – the person I run too, the person that knows the right things to say and no matter how hurtful it may sound, I appreciate the honesty. The person who had my back but, also would put me in my place lol.


You said ” I’m not leaving this earth till you get married” . And I would tell you “oh, that’s never going to happen” and we would looked at each other and laughed about it. You said I’ll always be a bridesmaids but, never a bride – if I kept thinking this way lol. I miss our jokes, and fun moments of watching movies, explaining to you what was going on t.v.

Four years without you still hurts but, you left this earth peacefully and you’ve lived your life freely, happily & feeling blessed. You’ve never let anything get to you because you always told me, life happens there’s nothing we can do about it but, be strong and trust in God. Your smiles will continue be remembered in my heart and you’ll forever be my #1 & forever be in my heart… I’ll forever love you my angel and wishing you were still here.



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