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Have you ever accepted a challenge and you only lasted a week or if you’re lucky maybe two weeks? And it’s understandable why you couldn’t succeed the challenge because you’re working + taking care of other things that you barely have time for yourself. What if I told you that there’s a challenge that you can’t seem to get away from nor put it in the backseat of your car and intend to it whenever you feel like it.

What if I told you that this challenge will definitely challenge you in all kinds of way. I know what you’re thinking, “oh, Stacey. It’s a challenge, shouldn’t any kind of challenge, challenges you?” YES ! However #SheHeals is a different kind of challenge.

What’s #SheHeals Challenge? Whattttt?!? How don’t you know about #SheHeals 31 Day challenge?? You must be living under a rock!! (lol, i’m only just kidding) but, seriously are you living under a rock cause you’re missing out but, I’m glad you asked:

#SheHeals 31 Day challenge was created by Melissa from Mellieking & Tameka from Tamekachristmas

 ” “31 day Self Healing Journal Challenge” that was put together to promote and bring about healing and transparency. If you’re anything like us, healing never came easy and holding on to things or people has been or once was second nature. But we discovered that through our writing, through our vulnerability, and through our hurt we were able to heal properly because we allowed our wounds to come up for air. ” – 

And #SheHeals has been just that a healing and transparency experience. It’s selflove because you’re letting every negative emotions out of your system + turning it around and saying something positive about yourself + you begin to believe in yourself more and more each day.

It’s also selfcare because you’re spending time alone whether it’s music playing in the background or at a peace and quit area. No one knows your story the way you know your story. You have nothing to fear nor nothing to worried about because you’re letting everything out of your system and if you feel like sharing to the world about your story then good for you. There’s people out there who needs to hear your story to understand that there’s hope and nothing nor no one can hold you back from believing in yourself.

I can’t believe sixteen days of #SheHeals challenge has past by and each day has been an emotional roller coaster but, in a great way. Can I be completely honest with you? I’m surprised with myself. Why? Because I’ve been consistent with this for the past few weeks and not only consistent but, became #sheheals spokesperson or promoter(lol, yeah! I gave myself a title – don’t you dare judge me……just kidding) I’m a supportive person, once I love a brand or an organization or any kind of work that shows greatness, expect a promoter mood out of me. I’m that person who will cheer you on, even if you fail, I will help you to get back up best way I can.

After dealing with a lot of anxiety + depression last month, losing focus on my blog, focusing on the wrong things + wasn’t motivated anymore + wanting to give up blogging & everything else that I had in mind. #SheHeals has became a blessing for me, helped me to understood more about myself. I wish I can post every each questions but, some answers are meant to be kept private for myself. However, these are my top three questions from #sheHeals.


Day 1 – when you look into the mirror, what do you see? Who are you right now? 

  • A woman who’s been through a lot but, isn’t letting what she’s been through stop her from fulfilling her purpose in life.
  • A woman with dreams but, turning my dreams into a reality,
  • A woman with so much faith – may not be perfect but, I will not let my fear hold me back from my blessings.
  • A woman with a heart filled with love.
  • A woman who will become successful,
  • A woman who’s a boss of my own journey.
  • A woman who’s kind & respectful ,
  • A woman of support because we all need a cheerleader in ourselves but, no one can cheer for us the way we can cheer for ourselves. I love seeing people win and I love seeing myself growing and learning each day…. I am beautiful and I am bold – that’s who I am ….


Day 4 – What is one thing that you fear that people will judge you on, if they knew about it ?

  • Most people have an understanding of don’t judge someone based on their past because we all have a past that we’re not proud of(if you’re proud of your past then may we switch? Lol just kidding). It’s not that we’re not proud of our past, it’s the fact of if we knew what we know now then there wouldn’t be past mistakes. With that being said, if people knew the one thing about me that they will judge on – I wouldn’t be afraid because My past doesn’t define who I am as a person and if someone can’t accept that then oh well.


Day 15 – What brings you peace today? How & why? 

  • Prayer
  • Writing
  • Beautiful & Bold

Some days are filled with so much joy and other days are not so joyful but, it doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having because prayer changes my mood. When I’m talking to God about everything(it’s like you’re letting everything out of your system and you can finally breath because you feel at peace with it).

Writing is something special because writing takes me to a place that I can’t explained. However, I can say that writing helps you to clear your mind + thoughts. Beautiful & Bold is my brand, my platform, my baby, my love because if you were to tell me two years ago that I’ll have my own site + blog + working on projects for beautiful & bold, I’ll probably stare at you like you’ve said something crazy. You never know what to expect and I’m proud of myself that I went for it and created beautiful & bold.



it’s never too late to participate. What? No way, join and get started today from day 1 to day 15 at Mellieking or tamekachristmas #SheHeals

*warning* You will cry, laugh, get upset & all kinds of emotions but, in a great way. You may start to cry and end up laughing at what you’ve wrote. So, be prepared for this enjoyable experience.




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