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” You’re allowed to heal on your own time. Give yourself permission to honor the process. ” 

  • Alex Elle 


Heyyyyyyyyyyyy my beauties!!!!! Oh my gosh!! Can you believe that it’s already November?! Well, I can’t believe it. Not too long ago, it was January 1st. So, it’s crazy to me to write down November 1st and I know what you’re thinking, “hold up Stacey?! You left the blogging world and you’re coming back like you’ve never left before” (lol). Right?!  The last time I blogged was on August 16th – wow, I’m horrible. There’s a lot going on in my life that I got distracted by.  So, instead of focusing more on my platform, I was distracted. * Please forgive me!!*


Before, it was always being consistent like I was a robot and losing sleep of over working so hard and rushing the process or it was a life emotions of anxiety & depression (depression is no joke) but, seriously had to take some time off and think things through for myself and taken a break from writing. Yeah, I took a break from writing (shocker, I know!)


How could you take a break from something that you’re so passionate about? Well, it’s not that my passion gone away cause my passion remains the same but, mentally I wasn’t prepared for what I’m passionate about. I didn’t have that feeling anymore. I guess you can say I failed as a blogger and to be honest, I’m embracing it. I admit I did failed as a blogger, writer, basically I’ve failed in my whole journey as a creator and a blogger. As I said before, I’m embracing the moment of my failures and it wasn’t easy. Imagine being disappointed and discourage to do anything. I almost made the decision to give up and say forget this, I’ll get back to it in my 30’s but, I didn’t give up.


So, I needed to start over with my life and think things through for myself. I truly thank God for being patient with me and helping me out through my emotional mess and opening my eyes to see things that I needed to see within myself.


You would think that I would do some changes to my site and everything but, I don’t think I’ve shown my site so much love as I should. So, no changes (for now).


As we’re saying our goodbyes to October & welcoming the month of November with open arms because I don’t know about you November & December are my two favorite months of the year and I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for any other months.


SideNote: YOU better not sit there and worried about what you didn’t do from January to October. It’s a new day, new beautiful morning (well, here in Fl. It is lol – you get the point) and you’re breathing. So, start today Whatever it might be – pray over it, plan it out and do your research.


As most of you may know, in August – there was an amazing challenge going on social media through twitter, Instagram + Facebook & more (btw I’m only being a little extra by saying Facebook & more because it seems about right). This amazing challenge I’m referring to is #SheHeals.



#SheHeals 31 Day challenge was created by Melissa from Mellieking & Tameka from Tamekachristmas


” “31-day Self-Healing Journal Challenge” that was put together to promote and bring about healing and transparency. If you’re anything like us, healing never came easy and holding on to things or people has been or once was second nature. But we discovered that through our writing, through our vulnerability, and through our hurt we were able to heal properly because we allowed our wounds to come up for air.” – 


Yes, it’s a 31 Day challenge of answering questions, however you’ll love to answer these questions and you didn’t have to share. During my break, I needed to redo this challenge again (tbh – there’s no limit to a Challenge if it’s helpful towards you and it has for me.)

So, here are my top three questions from #SheHeals Challenge.


  • Write your present self a letter, what would you tell her? 

Dear Beautiful,

You’re such a brave woman, you’re supportive to others, loving & caring – never change that for anyone. There’s something you should know. You don’t need an approval from anyone. Don’t worried about the wrong things because you’re wasting time not working on things that you need to work on for yourself. Overthinking isn’t helping you to fulfill your purpose in life and you know you have a purpose in life but, I understand why you’re afraid, I understand why you’re not fighting for yourself as you’ve fight for others. Just remember there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first – put yourself in the driver’s seat because you hold the key to your journey/path and don’t let no one tell you otherwise. You have a vision to turn into reality, don’t let anyone stop your shine – no matter what. So, get to work but, always work on yourself first.





  • Write down five things you love about yourself?


  1. Passionate
  2. Loving
  3. Caring
  4. Supportive
  5. Goofiness




  • Write about your #SheHeals journal experience. What did you learn about yourself? 


There’s only one word that I can describe my #SheHeals journal experience is incredible.  You never know how much you’re holding in until you’ll have to let it go & out. From day 1 to day 31, there’s been cheerful moment and there’s been tears running down my face to the point I had to question myself have I forgive myself? And am I truly over it?


What I’ve learned is you can get over a situation but, if you’re holding in so much emotions inside then it gets hard to say, “I’m over it.”. So, I believe if you take time to yourself, writing down what you love about yourself and what needs to change it gives you a perspective of your life. It’s the first step of your journey to love yourself while taking care of yourself. #SheHeals has been just that for me to the point, I’ve put my projects on hold until my mind is clear and my health is better to get back to work. With all the promoting I’ve been doing for #SheHeals, just gave me an idea (S/O to Tameka, who’s such a beautiful soul and an incredible woman who gave me an idea to consider brand ambassador.)


Also, what I learned is if you have an idea doesn’t mean you need to go ahead and go for it. think about it, pray over it & if you believe in it then go for it. At times, we have an idea and don’t think it through before going for it.


If you didn’t get the chance to participate in #SheHeals, no worries you can still participate in the challenge for the month of November. Feel free to go on or tamekachristmas.comor you can email me at with any questions you have.


*Warning* This challenges may contain tears, happiness and you may have to throw your journal to the wall because of anger but, this challenge will help you to forgive yourself and open your eyes to bigger things in life.



Reminder: “You are enough and there’s no one like you.” 


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