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Heyyyyyyy, beautiful people!!!

How are you?

How’s 2020 treating you so far?

It is a start of a new decade and there’s been moments in the news filled with heartbreaking news, devastating news and nothing, but bad news on top of bad news. However, I love how positive and go-getter everyone has been for the first week of the year. You’re setting goals, you’re planning, you’re learning and you’re growing all at the same time, but with this whole “2020 is my year” phrase (by the way, there’s nothing wrong with saying 2020 is your year). The main question is do YOU believe 2020 is your year? If I can be completely honest, I’m one of those people who would say, this is my year, my year!! every single New Year’s Day.

But, as soon as life happens, it feels like those excitement of saying this is my year has gone away and I forgotten my vision, my purpose, my dreams and myself, but I don’t want 2020 to be the same where I forgotten who I am and my purpose because I refuse to allow my depression or to have life kick in and try to own me.

2020 CAN BE OUR YEAR!!! It is up to us to decide what we need to do to make it our year. Whatever is on your mind or whatever you have plans for this year, never stop believing. I’m not going to say it’s going to be a perfect year because there’s no such thing as something perfect, but there is something called believing, trusting and waiting.

There’s 5 things to keep in mind for 2020 because you will get tested, there will be days you want to give up and there will be days you will feel like it’s not good enough. Here’s a reminder, DON’T EVER FEEL LIKE YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH BECAUSE YOU ARE. There will be days, others will get into your ears and say something that will make you doubt yourself. DON’T doubt yourself because of others. DON’T doubt yourself because of those thoughts in your head. It is time to push away those thoughts that aren’t beneficial to you.

We started 2020 with a great start or not so great start, but there are somethings we should keep in mind this year and here are 5 things to keep in mind…


Trust God. we should trust God in everything we do. I believe with God anything is possible. Life isn’t perfect and there’s something about life feels like we’re on a roller coaster ride. A roller coaster ride may scare us to death or scare us to want to stay in one place forever because it seems safer or feels safer to want to stay at the same spot forever, but why? Why should you stay at a spot that isn’t beneficial to you.

It is something I needed to learn for myself. It’s normal to want to stay comfortable where you are, but if God has something bigger for you then why not change into a different direction. Which is why keeping the faith is important. Keeping the faith in your journey is believing in what can and what will happen for you. Whatever you are planning to do this year – keep the faith. It’s not going to be easy, but when you remind yourself of your reason then you should be okay. Remember, it is okay to not be okay… With God, anything is possible.

2. It is okay to not be okay.

A lesson I’ve always kept in mind because pretend to be happy is exhausting and I don’t believe anyone should pretend their happiness. We do live in a world where being vulnerable is consider as being “weak”, but I want to kick that mindset away and say being vulnerable is the best thing that could happen to anyone. Saying it’s okay to not be okay is saying you are being honest with yourself and facing your emotions. You are not holding your emotions in a box. You are being you and you are showing yourself with saying “I’m not okay”. Understand, every day isn’t going to be a perfect day, but you will turn your tears into a beautiful smile because you are able to.

3. Do what’s best for you

Whatever you have in mind. Whatever you see for yourself, whatever you believe you need to have, whatever you believe in, do what’s best for you. What does doing what’s best for you means? Well, when you do what’s best for you, great things happens for yourself. SO, think….research….pray….research again and do whatever you believe you need to do to turn your life around.

4. Speak good to yourself…

I never knew how important it is to speak good to myself and think good of myself. I used to assume whenever I try to speak good to myself, I assume it could mean I am being conceited or too much of myself, BUT speaking good to myself is good for my mind, spirit and heart.

Whenever I speak good to myself, it has help me to grow with love, grow with patience(although, patience is a working progress, but it is a good thing.) and it helps with learning through my journey because self love is important and IT IS not selfish whenever you think of yourself.

I don’t know why someone will say “it is selfish to love yourself first”, but you need to love yourself, you need to think good of yourself and you need to speak good to yourself because your mental health is important.

5. Do NOT rush, but enjoy every moment….

Whew. If rushing was a full time job, I could of been a rich woman traveling around the world, but rushing isn’t a full time job. It is more of a stepping in our journey with being impatient.

YES, I SAID IT! we have a problem with patience. We have an idea, we get excited for this idea then we believe this idea need to become successful overnight, but here is the catch of it all, success doesn’t happen overnight because sometimes it isn’t the time for you or your idea to be successful.

It is never a good thing to rush your process. I should know because I’ve started my blog Beautiful & Bold, everything felt like I needed to rush because my journey felt like there was something I need to prove to those who didn’t agree with my dreams or my ideas. I’ve learned rushing leads to more frustration, failures and setbacks because there’s too many expectations and there’s not enough love or embrace through every moment.

We shouldn’t rush anything because we should learn and grow. Every day we learn something new about ourselves and about anything we do. Why not enjoy those moments of setbacks and turning it around to something spectacular. YES, it is not easy to embrace those failure moments, but we can always learn from our failures. However, DO NOT rush and DO NOT give up because it isn’t going your way.

2020 will be your year, but it is up to you to make it your year. Yes, there will be downfalls, there will be setbacks, there will be days you want to throw in the towel, BUT you are an overcomer and you are a warrior. Let’s enjoy every step of life. Which is something I’m learning to do…. With that being said, let us make the best year yet. Here’s to 2020 filled with happiness, opportunities, love, many more blessings, beautiful lessons and healing.

Question: What are 5 things you plan to keep in mind in 2020? Lets chat … comment below..

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