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The reason why + how?. 

If you haven’t read The 5 W’s + How? , I recommend you reading that too.

The 5 W’s + How?  Is mostly about who?, what?, when?, where? & why? Plus how? – Applying all of that into your life: to read more go ahead and click here —> THE 5 W’s + How? …..

  “She’s a dreamer. 

        A doer. 

       A thinker. 

She sees possibility everywhere.” 

The title of this post is The Reason Why + How? ,

  • Why did I decided to become a blogger? 
  • Why now? And not later ? 
  • Why ? 

I never thought in a million years that I would be on my phone constantly writing and sending my writings to my best friend to post for me so the whole world can see.

Yup, you’ve read that right. I blog from my phone and I’m not ashamed of it. Writing is everything to me. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t write out my feelings or thoughts. Mostly, I create stories and motivating words that can help me to think about things. Writing takes me to a place that is unexplainable. It’s like when I’m writing I feel like I’m blocking every distraction away from me and staying focus on what’s in front of me. Basically, staying focus on myself and putting myself first.

So, why I decided to be a blogger ? Well, because I love writing but, I was super afraid to go for it because I didn’t know what others will  say, if I were to say I want to be a blogger or an author. If I can be honest, I felt like my life was already planned for me by my parents that I didn’t know if it was possible to even become a blogger or a writer. As I’m writing this now, it feels good to say I’m a blogger and I have my own site.

Sometimes when I tell people that I’m a blogger, I get this weird look on their faces like “are you serious?. That is what you want to do with your life.” And my response has to be duhh! What else I could be doing with my life? I mean it is my life. Right? Lol you can say I’m a dreamer and a believer.

I believe if you want something in life you got to go out there and get it. If you want success then work for it, and if you believe in yourself, you can do anything that you set your mind too.

Your life can change in a matter of seconds based on the decisions you’ve made in your life and that is what happened to me. I decided to start fresh and just step out of my comfort zone then pursue writing and creating. Was it easy? Oh no, there’s time I wanted to give up and just say forget about the whole thing but, then I was reminded of my reason why I started in the first place. My goal this year is to stay out of my comfort zone and live life while staying blessed.

Honestly, I didn’t know what I had to do in order for that to happen because in my head, I thought I had everything set for my life. Here’s one thing I’ve learned about plans, nothing ever goes as planned you can plan something for next week or next month but, you never know what could happen in a week or two.

If you were to tell me a year ago that the things that I’ve been dreaming about were going to come true by this year. I would seriously laugh at you and probably think you’re crazy but, I’m glad I decided to take that leap and went for it.

An amazing friend of mine told me “the opinions of others shouldn’t matter, what matters is the opinion of yourself.” Which inspired me to start my blog Beautiful and Bold.  You know who you are – You The Real MVP. *tear drop*

Side note: never forget those who were there with you through it all because You need someone to be in your corner to cheer for you to the finish line.

People tend to ask this question, How can you do this if you don’t have the proper materials? I started blogging on my phone and I always thought I needed a computer in order to blog. Although, I am not saying it is best to blog on your phone then computers(of course not) but, what I am saying is THERE IS NO EXCUSE. When it comes down to living your life, chasing your dreams or the vision that God has for you then who cares what anyone says to you. Support yourself. Love yourself. Invest in yourself. Dream for yourself. Live for yourself.

“She’s a dreamer. 

        A doer. 

       A thinker. 

She sees possibility everywhere.” 

My reason why is I love what I do. It’s something that I can’t explained because there’s no words to describe what I’m passionate about. When you’re passionate about something, you do whatever it takes to get there. How? Well, you start by starting – first step is to start and if you’ve fail who cares keep going, start over but, never give up. don’t let your distractions determine your future. YOU GOT THIS. So, whatever is your reason to live your dreams then keep going and stick by this reason.

Three months of blogging and there has been ups and down but, I wouldn’t trade it for the world because I hosted my first twitter chat and became first guest blogger. So, this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. Trust me, the best is yet to come. So, let them talk.

“People will forever have an opinion about you, but why should you care? When they say you can’t, say you CAN – Point, Blank & Period.”