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Life is hard! Life can be a pain in the butt, one minute you’re in a good state of mind, everything seems perfectly fine and BAM! Life hits you so hard in the face, you can’t believe it then you start to ask yourself why? Why is this happening? Why can’t you have one day were you can be happy with life or yourself? And can happiness come to you? Well, the answer to those questions are YES! Yes, you can be happy with yourself , yes you can have a day that is filled with greatness and YES, you can bring happiness into your life!

SAY IT WITH ME: Yes I CAN! YES I CAN! YES I CAN! Do you feel better? Lol, I know I do. Side note: I dare you to say those words YES I CAN in a SpongeBob voice(lol). Do you feel better now? Lol. I use SpongeBob as an example because SpongeBob is a perfect example of someone who is always truly happy, no matter what anyone tells him or no matter what is going in bikini bottom. When Mr.Krabs barely pays him, it doesn’t matter to SpongeBob because he loves his job and always smiling lol. He always seem to bring the light into someone’s life or he seems to bring the best out of someone’s life.

And that is what its all about! You see, life is hard. If I were to tell you what I’ve been through in the past 25 years of my life, I might as well write a book about it. We all might as well write a book about our lives because life isn’t easy and life isn’t perfect. I believe people tend to have this on their mind of “life needs to be perfect in order to be happy.” No, not at all. I’ve never met a perfect human being in my life, have you? No? Exactly, no one is perfect so life isn’t perfect.

Life is a roller coaster but life is beautiful!

If you want happiness, you choose happiness by not letting your struggles determine your victory, by not letting others determine your future for you and by not letting unhappy people determine your success. You want happiness by chasing after it – you have a decision to make in. Hmmm, you know what’s funny about life, life is a class that we participate in everyday and everyday we’re taught a lesson that we need to learn from – To gain the knowledge and to become wiser.

Happiness is love

Happiness is peace

Happiness is joy

Happiness is greatness

Happiness is blessing

Happiness is positivity

Happiness is faith

Happiness is hope

Happiness is success

Happiness is all in one……..

Happiness is whatever you make it to be because what happiness means to me could possible be the total opposite of what it means to you. So tell yourself – Today, I choose ….. H A P P I N E S S ……. Comment below, tell me – what does happiness means to you? And what makes you happy? What brings you joy to life?